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Red pilled liberal Tim Pool pays the price: Demonetization, exile

Written By | Dec 7, 2020
Tim Pool, red pilled

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See link below article.)*

WASHINGTON — Our next two articles in this series highlight a pair of likely soon-to-be-ex-YouTubers. Their crime? They’ve turned into unlikely supporters of President Donald J. Trump. First up: Tim Pool, a liberal but not your garden variety far left “liberal.” He’s one of a growing number of red pilled liberals who’ve become supporters of Donald Trump.

Our next article will highlight Tarl Warwick, aka Styxhexanhammer666, a libertarian and an occultist.

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Tim Pool: Red Pilled but still an old-style liberal

Tim Pool says he’s been a lifetime liberal. Since he originally hails from Chicago, that orientation is natural. And that’s probably why he began his early online journalistic endeavors as a reporter for left-leaning online news and information outlet Vice. Finding his own voice, he now owns and hosts several frequently updated video sites. He posts on them daily and in considerable detail.

The 30-something Pool “grew up with three siblings in Chicago’s South Side in a lower-middle-class family. He left school at age 14,” according to his current Wikipedia entry, which hasn’t yet turned on this increasingly independent writer / video journalist. That’s surprising in some ways, as Tim continues to do excellent, truthful reporting and analysis, far better than the college-educated and credentialed cretins that pollute the traditional airwaves.

Pretty much anyone coming out of Chicago will emerge as a reflexive liberal / “progressive” leftist. Tim was, until recently, no exception. Once again, via Wikipedia:

Vice, Pool’s former employer, has [confusingly] described him as “lefty,” ‘progressive,’ and ‘right-wing.’ He has described himself as a social liberal who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. According to Politico, Pool’s ‘views on issues including social media bias and immigration often align with conservatives.’ According to Al Jazeera, ‘Pool has amplified claims that conservative media endure persecution and bias at the hands of tech companies.’”

Well, why not? It’s true. But even worse for progressives who question The Narrative.

“On August 24, 2020, Pool announced his support for President Trump in the 2020 United States presidential election.”

Trouble ensued.

Getting red pilled: Happens to the best of us

I used to be an occasional viewer of Tim’s videos as part of my endeavor to at least stay in touch with the increasingly ideological left side of the argument. An additional reason was my conviction that Boomer writers and commentators were losing touch with a large, rising cadre of Millennials that seemed ready to overthrow the US along with its hallowed Constitution. And they seemed willing to do so based on the steady diet of lies and information fed to them by the nearly uniform cadre of faux-Marxist professors who’d indoctrinated them in college rather than teaching them to think clearly.

In the main, Tim seemed to track with those he still regarded as liberal Democrats. But more recently, he began to see through the Democrats’ sham liberalism, something that made him increasingly uncomfortable. He experienced a red pill moment. He finally declared he could no longer deny that the party he had enthusiastically embraced no longer tracked with his own belief system, which we might still identify as old-style liberalism, JFK-MLK style.

The real beginning of the #WalkAway movement

This conversion experience reminds me of another red pilled, Democrat and onetime union leader, a B-movie actor named Ronald Reagan. Reagan famously stated why he’d #WalkedAway from the Democrats, way back in the 1950s.

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.” *

Reagan was among the first of many to abandon the Democrats over the past 60 years. This ever-growing number of Deplorables includes this writer as well. (My maternal grandfather was a prominent New Dealer and political office holder in Cleveland, Ohio during the first third of the 20th century.)

The Left’s Long March through the Institutions

Problematically, beginning in the 1930s, Marxists, Communists and allied left-wing fascists infiltrated the Democrats over the next several decades. They eventually took control of the Democrat Party, the educational establishment, the media and entertainment industries and much of the judiciary.

This “Long March through the Institutions,” in the words of a former president, “fundamentally transformed” the Democrats into a party that only the likes of Nicolås Maduro, Vladimir Putin and Chairman Xi could enthusiastically endorse.

Tim Pool wasn’t prepared to accept a permanent loss of the individual rights and protections guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

You take allies where you can find them. And they don’t need to agree with you 105%.

In other words, a lifetime card-carrying liberal got red pilled by the growing pile of evidence that our political elites in government and business alike – and particularly tech – now represent themselves and their wealth and have no intention of listening to their constituents anymore.

That’s an eye opener even for traditional, pro-Democrat liberals who actually continue to treasure our nation of laws and our representative democracy, both of which are under heavy fire from the fashionably Marxist and would-be fascists currently controlling this country. And it’s what made Tim Pool take a surprising turn toward the right and toward President Donald Trump.

Tim Pool refuses to be characterized as a conservative. But lately, he’s been more of a populist Trump supporter than a Pelosi-crats. He finds it impossible to ally with the odious AOC and her Marxist Squad. He actually believes in our Democratic Republic and is greatly upset he can no longer support today’s off-the-wall Democrat party.

As you might expect, this citizen journalist has found himself demoted and demonetized on YouTube for daring to question Marxist dogma.  Tim Pool still regards himself as a liberal. But he also understands that even his old-fashioned brand of liberalism is under an attack just as vicious as the one libertarians and conservatives have been enduring for at least two decades.

Real Americans of many persuasions: We’re all in this together

Tim Pool, at least for now, has become an unlikely but welcome ally in the battle that real Americans will now need to wage to keep the America we know and love from being subverted and destroyed. You don’t need to be a card-carrying conservative to hate what’s been going on throughout the Trump presidency, and what’s likely going on now as this election has been thrown via a massive, meticulous and all-encompassing conspiracy to shift votes. Battle lines are drawn, and Pool has come down on the “right” side of the argument. Freedom loving Americans need all the help they can get, and so CDN and this writer welcome him to the long fight that lies ahead.

Quality-wise, Tim’s videos and presentations can get a bit digressive and unnecessarily long. That said, when a reporter crosses the leftist line in the sand, he must defend every statement he makes. Today’s leftists do not. (That’s why their reporting is so sloppy and fact-free.)

Tim is refreshingly and genuinely honest. That’s what makes his videos well-worth watching. They offer a way for embattled conservatives and libertarians to gain a different perspective on today’s political battles. It’s an ability this country’s left-wing completely lacks.

The incredible shrinking YouTube revenue phenomenon

Since Tim’s political shift, YouTube has been reducing his video revenue. It’s the price all non-left YouTubers eventually pay for attempting to deliver the truth. So, like many others similarly afflicted, Tim has been diversifying the sites where he appears. We list the alternatives below as his YouTube channel could disappear at any moment.

Check out Tim’s videos. If you like them, the best way to help his revenue stream (in addition to hitting his tip jars) is to SHARE the videos with usergroups or friends.

Current Tim Pool links that seem to work:

– Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.

* FWIW, the provided link offers a slightly different quote, but we’ve provided the generally accepted quote here. It’s one that lefty media propagandists have tried to fact check and debunk for years. But even pro-Marxist fabulator Dana Mountebank cited the quote in a 2011 article in the pre-“Democracy Dies in Darkness” Washington Post. (The above link hides behind a paywall.)


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