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‘Potty All-Star’: A cute, sensible potty training book review

Written By | Jan 24, 2020
Potty All-Star, potty training

Cover art for Ross Burach’s “Potty All-Star.”

LAUREL, Md. —  Potty Training. It’s something every parent both dreads and looks forward to. No more diapers, yay! But the steps you and your child have to take to get there often prove messy and frustrating for both parent and child. In today’s more frank and open universe of children’s lit, we find no shortage of books on this delicate subject. But for those looking for a new take to encourage kiddos to do the right thing when it comes to potty training, author Ross Burach gives us his latest bookPotty All-Star.

Potty All-Star is written in first person using the voice of a child getting ready to learn to use the potty. The entire book is sport themed, focusing on basketball in particular. The child at the center of this creative potty training story finds himself benched by diapers up to this point. At this point in the narrative, the author refers to using the toilet as “shooting for the hoop.”

In a similar fashion, Burach refers to parents alternatively as “coach” or “fans.”  But the book also talks about not making it in time, or trying and not needing to go, encouraging kids to “keep training” even if they make a mistake or have an accident.

Potty All-Star, potty training

How a potty all-star gets back in the game.

An easy and fun approach to a classic childhood issue

Burach’s book offers parents and kids alike a cute, funny approach to the potty training routine. Other books talk about it being normal to use the toilet, or emphasize that going to the bathroom is part of life for everyone and everything.

But Potty All-Star takes it one step further. The author makes the child the star of the story instead of just an audience. The words are simple, and there are very few of them per page. That makes this latest addition to potty literature easy to understand and perfectly suited to its young audience. Given the theme, this would likely be a favorite book for sports-loving young tykes.

About the author

Author and illustrator Ross Burach, who previously gave us The Very Impatient Caterpillar, has certainly got game as the creator of Potty All-Star. The book’s brightly colored pictures – also drawn by this talented children’s author – have minimal background noise. That helps avoid distracting youngsters from the main character and his experiences. Burach’s story telling here is high energy, and aimed entirely at motivation.

Potty All-Star (ISBN: 9781338289336) also available as a board book. It was first published by Scholastic Books on September 3, 2019.

— Headline image: Cover art for Ross Burach’s “Potty All-Star.”



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