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NewsMax and RSBN: Streaming video channels that covered Trump fairly

Written By | Nov 7, 2020
NewsMax, RSBN, Right Side Broadcasting Network

NewsMax and Right Side Broadcasting Network logos. Fair use of images in video site review.

WASHINGTON –  Let’s start today’s column – the third in this series – by looking at a pair of video channels that did yeoman like work covering this year’s electoral travesty otherwise known as Election 2020. NewsMax and RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network) covered both events and the election itself with enthusiasm, honor, and, surprisingly, genuine objectivity for the most part. That’s something that the “major” networks, including Fox News (with the exception of Tucker, Sean, Laura et. al.) didn’t even bother to attempt.

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NewsMax TV

Given that I am too cheap to subscribe to the overpriced cable packages that would have given me direct access to Fox News and other sites for last night’s election coverage, I initially ended up wandering through YouTube with little if any luck. That increasingly left-wing Google fiefdom highlighted mostly the same MSM streaming election broadcasts. I already knew what I’d find there: sneering, belittling and pro-Democrat slanted election reports that would be eager to put Trump and his supporters in the worst possible light.

Sadly, the MSM miscreants now include Fox, whose “news” desk, at least, is busily going the way of the late, lamented Drudge Report. Drudge, too, has fully completed his site’s metamorphosis into another pathetic, run-of-the-mill hack site cheerleading for the pro-Marx bad guys, all of whom get rich off the steady diet of daily lies they offer daily to those who aren’t in on the joke.

But miraculously, as I plowed through the sorry state of American media election coverage, I accidentally discovered that the Roku Channel was offering, free of charge, a live streaming broadcast of election coverage via NewsMax. This bit of serendipity soon proved a huge stroke of luck.

Production values: Need improvement. Content: SuperStar Election 2020 coverage, superior to  MSM

Let me state at the outset that NewsMax’s production values were hardly first class on election night. Cheap chairs, a shoestring budget set, no revenue pulling ads – but occasional endless repeating streams of self-promo junk – told me NewsMax’s coverage had been woefully underfunded.

But soon I had to pay attention to NewsMax’s first-rate content. NewsMax’s small, rotating cast of anchors and commenters, notably including the insightful Sean Spicer and Mark Halperin, knew what they were talking about. Better yet, they refused to prematurely call states for Joe Bide. But they did bravely call Trump’s victory in the crucial, multicultural state of Florida for Trump when the numbers justified it.

NewsMax vs Fox and AP. Epic fail for the failing Fox

Compare that Florida coup with Fox’s notorious calling of Arizona for Biden before any votes were reported. Note the MSM networks’ refusal to declare Florida and additional states for Trump long past the time when the evidence was in. That was a pre-cooked strategy meant to deny Trump the perceptual bandwagon effect that was already rolling in his favor. That’s why the NewsMax electoral map Tuesday night proved far more accurate than the fast-fading MSM’s big budget evening of pro-Biden smoke and mirrors. This was their carnival sideshow act. They’re still running. They will do so until their lie becomes the perceived truth.

By contrast, NewsMax reported things straight. They kept their own counsel on calling state elections. They did not fall into lockstep with the MSM’s obviously prelanned pro-Biden fakery. The fake Fox news call of a Biden win in Arizona clicked with the fake election calls put out by the biased hacks running the AP. The game was afoot. It’s still on.

NewsMax make a gutsy call, giving Florida to Trump while the other networks didn’t bother

NewsMax was the first to call – accurately no less – Trump’s major cross-cultural triumph in Florida on Tuesday evening. It, and Trump’s meme-busting triumph there was your first hint that the Trump landslide had begun. NewsMax had begun to tell the real story. Unfortunately, they were soon to be brushed aside by the MSM’s reprehensible colluders.

The fact is that AP and the Never Trump jackasses and hacks have taken over Fox called Arizona for Biden utterly “without evidence.” Their totally bogus call got the ball rolling on the official Tuesday night MSM narrative cheerleading the objectively non-existent “Biden Landslide.” No wonder Sleepy Joe stayed in his basement for the entire campaign. The fix was already in.

Below: NewsMax saw the disaster coming.

Instapundit’s praise for NewsMax election coverage

Glenn Reynolds, the original Oracle of Tennessee and legendary founder of Instapundit, seemed to have had an experience similar to mine. (Scroll down to read the link, datelined @ 4:25 p.m. November 4, 2020.)

“SO FAR, THE UNDISPUTED LOSER IN THE ELECTION IS FOX NEWS, BOTH FOR ITS ELECTION-NIGHT COVERAGE AND ITS FOLLOW-ON COVERAGE TODAY. We watched, hated it, and switched to NewsmaxTV and to CNN, which surprisingly did a good, data-driven job. Chris Wallace was the worst. And a former student commented: ‘That guy who was their expert last night looked like Fauci in a wig. And Brett Baier wants his job and to keep paying for his wife’s bad Botox, so he had to smile through it.’ Harsh, but fair.

“UPDATE: A reader emails: ‘Could not agree more with your reader who is angry with Fox for having its coverage run by partisan Dems. I changed over to Newsmax TV and have never looked back. They’ve been solid all night, calm, and following the data. More interesting experts on too.’ I think last night was a big breakthrough for Newsmax TV. We’d never watched it before, and I’m hearing good things about it from a lot of people who had never watched it before.”

This just goes to show you that you don’t actually need a lot of fancy stagecraft and multimillion dollar, one-time use sets to put on a first class, information filled news show.

Hopefully, Roku will continue to offer NewsMax at no charge to its subscribers, which include the large number of people who already use Roku boxes. Currently (or at least until they’re banned), you can also find NewsMax TV here. In the meantime, we always have the NewsMax website.


Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Here’s another unsung streaming broadcast outfit, much younger than NewsMax, which has been around for awhile now.. They’re HQ’d in Alabama, a currently safe state for conservatives and libertarians, which is a good idea. This channel, like NewsMax, operate on a shoestring budget too, and likely a less secure one. For that reason, they’re almost wholly dependent on viewer donations.

Their badge of distinction in the run-up to Election 2020? The Right Side Broadcasting Network was, to my knowledge, virtually the only streaming network entity covering the entirety of President Trump’s lengthy series of rally-crusades. RSBN was also the only outlet to consistently pan 360 degrees around each rally’s mass gathering, many of which easily exceeded 20,000 to 50,000 excited Trump supporters. The MSM, in spotty and incomplete coverage, purposely avoided doing this. More psy-ops? RSBN reported. So you can decide.

Had you watched RSBN’s live coverage of even a fraction of Trump’s rallies, you would already be convinced that the Democrat-engineered fraud perpetrated during Election 2020 was the biggest overthrowing of a legitimate election in the history of Western Democracy.

How they did this on a shoestring, I don’t know. But you have to admire them for their courage and their sheer persistence and gumption.

Below: RSBN on the scene of Friday’s pro-Trump demonstrations in Philadelphia. A long video, but right up front, a Russian-born woman explains while this scenario is familiar to her, having grown up in the old Soviet Union.

Audio and video sometimes needed help

Audio and video quality in these live productions was occasionally iffy. The audio occasionally popped in and popped out. The video occasionally stuttered, pixelated and briefly dropped out of synch with the audio. But the eager, youthful, yet surprisingly polished (and probably underpaid) youngsters who generally hosted these epic events consistently proved a refreshing antidote to the faux Marxist clowns dominating today’s excuse for broadcast journalism in America.

And those clowns never covered but an occasional fraction of the Trump rallies, and rarely if ever offered panoramic shots of the vast, impressive crowds. These alone, if more Americans had actually been able to see them, would have given the lie to the current election fraud going on in each and every Democrat-run “swing state” (Georgia is the weird exception due to Atlanta’s heavily Democrat-run vote counting chicanery.)

The only downside for RSBN? Their inexperience eventually showed after the rallies were over, during their election night coverage. Their young, inexperienced crew proved far less insightful than their friendly opponents over at NewsMax. They also seemed a bit uncomfortable in their roles as political commentators.

No matter. If RSBN can get more viewer support, their young staffers will gain in experience and grow into the kind of reporters we should have been relying upon long ago had the MSM bothered to report actual news.

Wrapping things up

Since RSBN likely depends on the fickle gatekeepers of YouTube to keep their content online, you never know what will happen if Joe and Kamala, and future Ministry of Truth Komissar AOC actually win this disastrously flawed election and take over America’s Directorate of Propaganda. Some animals are more equal than others.

For now, toss RSBN a donation if you get a chance. Or if you have anything left after trying to help President Trump vanquish The Swamp. Again.

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— Headline image: NewsMax and Right Side Broadcasting Network logos. Fair use of images in video site review.


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