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More conservative news and analysis sites: Post-election updates

Written By | Nov 4, 2020
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Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with

WASHINGTON – Nearly a year ago, I began a series of columns pointing out some of the top conservative news and analysis sites. They were (and are) geared toward conservatives and libertarians who are sick and tired of the same old propagandistic, left wing MSM crap that currently clogs most available bandwidth.

BTW, you can find those previous columns here and here. I think they’re still worth checking out.

Covering the past year’s insane political news while dissecting this year’s equally insane stock market action derailed that series. At least for a time. But now that a crucial national election is in suspended animation, it’s time to toss in some additional recommendations.

Today’s addendum focuses on sorely needed conservative news and analysis sites both conservatives and libertarians may enjoy as part of their daily reading. And they’re not hazardous to your blood pressure, either. Here we go.

(Note: Categories and sub-categories are somewhat arbitrary.)

A great Drudge substitute
Citizen Free Press.

Since either Matt Drudge or the site’s new owners (rumors abound) did a 180 a couple of years ago and joined the MSM’s left-wing trash machine, several sites have popped up in an attempt to replace this once mandatory go-to site for news links with a conservative tilt. In our earlier pieces, we highlighted one of them, the comprehensive (and much-improved, appearance-wise)

Recently, I’ve learned of another that even attempts to emulate Drudge’s 1990s-style, typewriter font link page, while assuming his once honorable mantle. Namely, to direct news-hungry patriotic Americans to news links that don’t shamelessly promote anti-American and Marxist politicians, businesses and academic frauds. Like Matt Drudge does now.

That site?

It’s Citizen Free Press. (And be sure to spell it right.) Citizen Free Press contains all (or most of) the juicy conservative goodness that Drudge used to supply to his millions (now gone) of faithful readers 24/7. Like Drudge, its page design is not much to look at, but loads of content more than compensates for the lack of visuals.

When everything is working, the site is simple, easy, and amazingly comprehensive if you’re looking for the latest conservative-to-libertarian view on practically everything. Just a long string of one line headlines in a slightly too small typeface that loads the latest links and entries from the top.

First rate online news and editorials

Aside from the Daily Beacon and the Washington Examiner, which we’ll eventually get to in greater detail, here are a lesser-known pair of sleeper news sites well worth a set of bookmarks for conservative to libertarian truth seekers everywhere.

Epoch Times:

The Epoch Times is a physical and online newspaper with surprisingly excellent reporting that usually supports the conservative side of the aisle. We often find the paper at DC and Northern Virginia newsstands and other locations, at least where roving Antifa thugs haven’t found them yet.

In many ways, Epoch Times reminds me of the original Washington Times, which was tarred by the once respectable Washington Posties as the “Moonie Paper” because it was owned and operated by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The Washington Times (for which I once wrote) was and is an excellent paper, just like the Epoch Times. But The Swamp routinely fears and hates anything that’s run by any kind of religious organization because it interferes with their own dogma. So most people have never heard of it.

More on the Epoch Media Group

The exact financial and structural connections between Falun Gong, Shen Yun and The Epoch Times remain unclear. According to NBC News, not always the most reliable source:

“The Epoch Media Group, along with Shen Yun, a dance troupe known for its ubiquitous advertising and unsettling performances, make up the outreach effort of Falun Gong, a relatively new spiritual practice that combines ancient Chinese meditative exercises, mysticism and often ultraconservative cultural worldviews.

“Falun Gong’s founder has referred to Epoch Media Group as “our media,” and the group’s practice heavily informs The Epoch Times’ coverage, according to former employees who spoke with NBC News. The Epoch Times, digital production company NTD and the heavily advertised dance troupe Shen Yun make up the nonprofit network that Li calls “our media.”

Both Falun Gong, its followers and the Epoch Times constantly arouse the ire of the Chinese Communist regime. In fact, the Chi-coms actively persecute Falun Gong’s followers. That’s a great free world imprimatur for this group. And even better, you’ll frequently get the news – and the truth – from the Epoch Times, as opposed to Washington’s official “paper of record.” I refer to the odious, outhouse-friendly Washington Post, a “newspaper” that daily Dies in Darkness. So check out the Epoch Times instead.

I&I (Issues and Insights)

A fledgling conservative news and analysis site, I&I has been assembled by refugees from the International Business Daily’s onetime print newspaper. Jettisoned from IBD, along with their longtime superstar editorial cartoonist Michael P. Ramirez, these guys aren’t amateurs. They’re seasoned professionals who wanted to stay in the game at a critical time for our country. So they’ve launched their own compact but hard-hitting news and opinion site. It exemplifies the fiery well reasoned conservatism in the editorial pages of their old newspaper. (Which still exists, but no longer in a dead tree edition.)

Although I neglected to mark the link, Here’s an excerpt that’s typical of the high quality that’s a routine feature of I&I. I sincerely hope it doesn’t serve as the epitaph of our current heroic but mightily beleaguered President.

“Trump understood the political implications of this prosaic reality – that the popular barometer of government is a gauge of the pressure it places on making a living. Regardless of one’s income, color of collar, race, religion, political or sexual preference, anything government does that raises costs and depresses income makes life more difficult, even scary. Anything that cuts costs and boosts income improves it. This Trumpian insight carried a political interloper to an improbable victory over scions of the Bush-Clinton dynasties and a cast of lesser Washington luminaries.”

That’s it for now. More in our next column in this series.

— Headline image: “Neck and neck.”Cartoon by Garrison.
Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with


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