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Mark Dice and Bill Still: Conservative YouTube channels at risk

Written By | Dec 2, 2020
Mark Dice, Bill Still

Video still from Mark Dice’s YouTube video compilation, satirizing the eminently satirical Brian Stelter.

WASHINGTON – Today, we continue our series of reviews highlighting neglected and / or up-and-coming news and information sites that provide reliable conservative-to-libertarian reporting and analysis on current sociopolitical events in the US and elsewhere. (Previous articles here, here and here.) Our first pair of video sites today, currently on YouTube, come from Mark Dice and Bill Still.

Not all the channels noted in this and our next two reviews would be happy to be termed “conservative.” But they likely have no problem being identified as some flavor of “libertarian.” Which, in turn, is sending them to a fast-emerging group of alternative video sites.

Our first pair of video sites includes two reporters / commentators who meld traditional reporting and commentary with their own personal touch and accomplish this in a highly professional and often entertaining way. Mark Dice and Bill Still both offer unique, conservative takes on today’s news, most of which you’ll never see on commercial TV and cable news sites, which generally serve as the Amen Corner. These entertainment outlets are aimed at wealthy leftist Democrats desiring to be entertained by talking heads offering nonstop political confirmation bias.

Please note that all the video sites we report in this series are likely on their way to being forced off YouTube. Most have already been demonetized.

Mark Dice (Mark Shouldice): News, commentary and outrage with a personal touch.

Mark Dice, formerly Mark Shouldice (according to a predictably snarky bio entry posted on Wikipedia) allegedly started out as a “conspiracy theorist” on YouTube since circa 2008. However, it matters little to me what Mark posted back in the day. It’s more important that he’s morphed into the funniest and often the most reliable Republican / Conservative personality on YouTube. But lately, he’s been offering more serious commentary as well.

Until quite recently, Mark’s videos were the only ray of sunshine in the increasingly nasty world of online hyperpartisan politics. He regularly lampoons the overpaid, under-talented and generally brain dead “reporters” who dominate network and cable network “news” programs and support the left’s viciously anti-American narratives while raking in the advertising Big Bucks. Many of his brilliantly effective and hilarious voiceovers of CNN’s pathetic Brian Stelter have gone viral, drawing ever-larger numbers of viewers to his platform. (See video below.)

Mark Dice meets the YouTube Demonetization Police

Of course, Mark’s shtick has caused the YouTube Stasi endless headaches. That’s a problem they’ve generally remedied by demonetizing the bulk of his videos. As a result, he’s turned to making most of his living by selling funny, topical merchandise along. You can also add in his surprisingly well-written books on topics the so-called major media won’t touch. The most recent of these involves the Deep State supportive, hard left cadre of radicals operating out of Hollywood.

Lately, the Election 2020 fiasco has driven some of Mark’s videos in a more serious direction. He’s begun to experiment with conducting in-depth, serious interviews with prominent individuals.

Headling for greener pastures

Mark’s videos are currently available on both his YouTube channel and via Bitchute. This duality is typical of YouTubers who’ve decided to pursue truth and justice. That’s an activity that increasingly gets their videos demonetized or banned on hyperpartisan and MSM-centric YouTube. Or, in some cases, results in YouTube completely deleting their videos and canceling their channels.

This is already having an unintended effect in the streaming video landscape. Truth-tellers (generally on the right side of the aisle, but not always) are abandoning the sinking YouTube ship in whole or in part, heading for newer venues that for now, at least, are more hospitable to their content. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube et. al. will eventually regret this. But right now, they don’t care. If you love the flag and the US Constitution (as written and intended), they accuse you of “hate speech.” Or worse. But Mark Dice, and the others covered in this series, don’t care. It will take a lot more than name-calling to stop them.

Interested? Here are Mark’s current links for both his YouTube and Bitchute videos. He sells plenty of wearable, reliably conservative merch via his videos. But I can’t wear them where I live, here in The Swamp. (I’d be killed by a “mostly peaceful” demonstrator.)

Bill Still: Reporting from The Swamp and answerable only to the Lord

Bill Still has long resided on the right side of politics, issues and events. According to one of his web sites, The Still Report:

“Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written many books and 4 documentary videos.”

Bill uses a combination of his own experience and insights and relevant clips from Fox News — at least prior to that turncoat network’s premature “call” putting Arizona in the fraudulently concocted Biden win column — and others to strongly support the positions of President Donald J. Trump. Ditto the reliable non-RINO Republican House and Senate members who yet remain.

In our increasingly secular country (which is not necessarily a good thing), some viewers who stream Bill’s videos will be off-put by his strong and readily proclaimed Christian convictions. This might cause them to tune his channels out. But if you can’t stand Americans holding traditional Judaeo-Christian views and beliefs, you’re more than likely standing on the other side of the political divide. But “bitter clingers” like this writer have no problem with Bill

Reporting the truth on a shoestring budget

Bill’s weaknesses (in my personal view) are his occasional videos on monetary policy. Most people are likely to tune them out. You also have to get through a lengthy opening commercial on nearly every video. That said, it’s hard to fault a guy for earning a living in a hostile online environment that routinely demonetizes and / or purges his videos.

You’ll also note an occasional editing glitch from time to time in Bill’s videos. However, most guys operating in the endangered alternative streaming universe don’t have a raft of editors and producers to smooth out the rough spots to make them look good on air. We don’t have a copy editor here, either, as trolls love to point out when I miss a typo. Sadly, most of today’s Big Money simply won’t invest in truth. Hence, America’s online samizdat tends to operate on the thinnest of shoestring budgets.

On the other hand, unlike CNN and MSLSD, Bill is rarely off-base in his political reporting. That’s what makes his site worthwhile, particularly for breaking stories.

Alternatives to YouTube are coming. In fact, they’re here…

As of this writing, Bill Still’s frequent video reports remain on YouTube. For now. But, like most conservative YouTubers, he finds that the censors routinely demonetize his videos. That’s likely part of the reason why Bill runs those long ads at the beginning of each video. When you’re continually demonetized, you soon realize that you routinely pay a heavy price for being conservative. Or for telling the truth.

Case in point: YouTube recently blacked out Bill’s channel for a week, allegedly for some imagined refraction. The YouTube censors likely covered his alleged transgressions under the always implicit YouTube policy clause, “We just don’t like conservative crap that supports that Devil Trump in any way. So screw you.”

Bill’s back on YouTube. For now. But he’s made contingency plans in the event his channel is permanently banned. Sadly, that’s the likely fate for all conservative video channels, given the latest developments in Election Fraud 2020.

Meanwhile, Bill still posts 1-3 videos per day on his YouTube channel.

But, like most conservative YouTubers, he has contingency sites. These include the Still Report and a YouTube alternative subscription site, Bill Still TV.

Bill’s latest video below, featuring hard-hitting testimony from Joe DiGenova via Washington’s conservative talk radio channel, WMAL-FM. Check it out.

– Headline image: Video still from Mark Dice’s YouTube video compilation, satirizing the eminently satirical Brian Stelter.

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