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Insightful US news analysis sites on the right side of current events

Written By | Nov 5, 2020
insightful US news analysis, right side

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. See link at the end of this article.

WASHINGTON – As the epic disaster otherwise known as Election 2020 continues to unfold, no sane reader can rely any longer on the now thoroughly corrupt, so-called Mainstream Media (MSM). And that now includes the Fox News desk, which started the seditious fun Tuesday evening by declaring that Slow Joe Biden had won Arizona – before a single vote had been reported. So where can we find all the insightful US news analysis we used to rely on? We certainly can’t find anything that’s on the right side of current events in the so-called mainstream media, can we?

Our Election 2020 travesty continues

The current and ongoing hyper-partisan election travesty kicked off an evening of political horror. States Trump had clearly won – but which corrupt Democrat machines had targeted for themselves – suddenly “flipped” Democrat. The Democrats’ media operatives quickly declared them, without evidence, for Biden. Meanwhile, Trump had clearly won were also targeted for fraudulent flips. So the MSM hacks pointedly avoided declaring them for Trump, setting up a phony bandwagon effect to help Biden’s team create an air of inevitability.

Thus, the “fake news,” organizations, which now include Fox, graduated with advance degrees in engineering “fake election results.” I’m not sure the GOP and their team of lawyers have moved fast enough to halt this vicious Democrat-MSM tag team of treason before it’s perceptually too late.

The only antidote conservatives and libertarians can draw on to counter this is to bookmark and read conservative news and information sites, watch conservative videos (before they’re censored), and, best yet, read intelligent, informative and truthful conservative commentary and analysis sites. Today, we add to yesterday’s column by highlighting a select number of these sites that many thoughtful conservatives and libertarians may not yet have discovered.

Indeed, there are insightful US news analysis sites. But many don’t know where to find them. And Google rarely helps. These sites credibly uphold the constitution. Additionally, they provide coverage and interpretation for those who live on the right side of current events.

Here are three of them.

First-rate conservative news and analysis sites
American Thinker

I didn’t include this impressive site in our previous articles simply because we hadn’t gotten around to analyzing it at the time. I’m doing it now, however, and am finding many of the articles here to be quite impressive in both writing quality and in their deployment of reason and common sense: a pair of lost arts in the USA . As you might imagine, American Thinker offers some of the best analysis around when it comes to parsing contemporary political topics that the major media mavens try to wave away. Topics discussed at this site are timely. Add a personal bookmark to this site, and insert it into your regular daily reading regimen. They’re nearly always on the right side of current events.

Don Surber 

Since his retirement from the profession, this experienced, lifelong newspaper journalist and editor – one of the last of the honorable kind – has transformed himself into a genuinely insightful journalist-blogger. The kind we used to see more of back in the early days of the still-new World Wide Web. His frequent, insightful daily entries and witty, spot-on political analysis has steadily attracted an astonishing number of readers since he made the jump from the wonderful (but dying) world of newsprint.

Don provides plenty of hard-hitting conservative commentary on America’s dystopian environment of fake news and dirty, Marxist politics. Particularly notable are Don’s lengthy columns highlighting 15-20 highly relevant stories and memes of the day that the media generally refuse to cover. These stories and anecdotes, along with Don’s comments, are enough to brighten up any conservative’s day or week. Including this current week, when the worst act of sedition and, perhaps, treason unfolds before everyone’s eyes. Except the so-called major media, of course.

Obviously, Don is has been proudly pro-Trump for a long time. God knows we’ve needed more of that during this year’s hyper-partisan excuse for an election season. We’re likely to need this kind of reason and sanity even more in what I fear will be the ultimately violent aftermath of this year’s seditious and perhaps treasonous mass election fraud.

Some good can come from Cleveland…

On the brighter side, one additional note. Don hails from Cleveland, Ohio, just like me. And just like my esteemed spouse, he attended Cleveland State University back in the day. So what’s not to like about that? All of us can vouch that growing up in Cleveland – aka, the Mistake on the Lake – and rooting for the Browns and the Indians (and the late, great Chief Wahoo) – “builds character” like nothing else in these Disunited States.

So bookmark a link to Don’s blog. Now more than ever.

Richard Fernandez / Belmont Club

Speaking of beefing up your regular reading routine with informed and insightful US news analysis, you should also consider bookmarking at least one of the current iterations of the old Belmont Club.” This longtime blog / essay column was originally said to be authored by the pseudonymous Wretchard the Cat. That was back in those relatively carefree days before Instapundit and several other sites consolidated under the PJ Media banner under pen names. Including Belmont Club.

But back to our main topic. Richard Fernandez, who’s the real-life alter-ego of Wretchard, eventually outed himself as a real person. He writes under his own name now (except when Wretchard the Cat is busy tweeting, which seems kind of oxymoronic.) Like the other sites highlighted in this column, he always ends up on the right side of the argument, both literally and figuratively.

Fernandez is the kind of “public intellectual” that used to be fairly common in the US political and literary communities back in the early to mid-20th century. His reasoned columns thoughtfully unpack the Marxist insanities currently dominating what remains of intellectual discourse in these, the early decades of our miserable 21st century.

You’ll find Richard’s various identities and opinings at:

Thus ends today’s short list of worthwhile and deeply intelligent sites. All three focus on presenting logical and insightful US news analysis sites. They provide their followers with the intellectual ammo they need to defend and advance the right side of the argument in our fast-deteriorating political climate.

– Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.
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