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Did you miss “Thanksgiving” back in 2016? It’s now available on Amazon Prime

Written By | Nov 30, 2021
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LIBERTYVILLE (IL): Verizon’s Go90 company aired a 2016 comedy series that largely flew under the radar of the public. The series titled “Thanksgiving” was co-created by Bethany Hall (The Chris Gethard Show) and Daniel Powell (Inside Amy Schumer). They did eight episodes for a total of four hours. Streaming broadcast artwork such as this can wind up lacking viewers for three general reasons; It can only be seen on streaming subscription services, it gets poor reviews or it is poorly marketed. This series seems to have been a victim of both streaming and poor marketing as nobody heard about and it is genuinely pretty funny and got pretty good reviews. However, now it is beginning to be rediscovered.

The series stars Chris Elliott (“Eagleheart,” “Schitt’s Creek,” “Cabin Boy”), Amy Sedaris (“Strangers with Candy,” “BoJack Horseman”), Sebastian Conelli (“Sebastian Wakes Up”), and the daughter of Chris Elliott, Bridey Elliot (“Clara’s Ghost”). The show follows the dysfunctional Morgan family for four hours during Thanksgiving Day 2016. And the results are as hysterical as they are recognizable.   The eight episodes are titled:

Touch Football
Asthma Attack
Lost Remote
Beer Run
Yard Fight

Other cast members of “Thanksgiving” include John Reynolds (“Stranger Things”), Griffin Newman (“The Tick”), Veronica Osorio (“Hail, Caesar!”), Josh Ruben (College Humor Originals), Josh Sharp (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre), Moujan Zolfaghari (“The Brothel”), James III (“Late Night with Seth Meyers”) and two time Tony Award-winner John Cullum.

Guest appearances include Chris Gethard, Todd Barry, Miriam Tolan, and Morgan Weed.

Amy Sedaris and Chris Elliott come together to play two of the world’s worst parents of six children in “Thanksgiving,”

The Morgans are a cringe-worthy family comedy that so many Americans can relate to over the holidays as we reach for an Adderall. The show is set in Libertyville located about an hour north of Chicago. The town’s fictional motto is “If you’re from here, you’re home.”

In reality, Libertyville’s real motto is “By endurance we conquer!” and the show is said to be shot somewhere in the State of New York. Looking back, the real motto would have fit this series just as well.

The eight episodes follow the dysfunctional Midwestern Morgan family through a typical Thanksgiving holiday (Spoiler Alerts)

The fun begins with an afternoon touch football game with a family from the neighborhood. A healthy neighborhood rivalry unfolds on the field as Don Morgan (Chris Elliott) and his five sons engage in a game of foul-mouthed smack-talking football. His very attractive daughter-in-law Gwen Morgan, played by actress Morgan Weed, plays on the opposing team (to even the two teams up). She is every bit as salty and aggressive as the boys on the field.

Arriving in a cab just off the field is Don’s daughter, Olive (Elliott’s real-life daughter, Bridey Elliott), who is stalling. Olive does not want to tell her family to delay revealing she quit medical school two years ago.

“That’s not so bad,” says her cab driver (Shannon O’Neill), prompting Olive to explain she’s been spending the tuition money they have been sending her on partying and rent. “Oh, that is bad!” the driver says.

Back at the homestead mom Kathy Morgan (Sedaris) is found singing and dancing in the kitchen as she douses the turkey in the beer she has been drinking. She serves as the typical dysfunctional Midwestern mom. Sedaris is found in her kitchen adlibbing a song of rhyme as she cooks merrily away.

In the living room, three of the brothers are on the floor wrestling as two of the brothers try to get the largest overweight brother to recite the Pillsbury Doughboy slogan

“Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven!” in the exact voice of the doughboy after they poke his belly.

Olive is called on to come to the aid of her fat brother during the wrestling match where he has fallen into an asthma attack as her family assumes she is a student doctor now.

The tension builds as the audience wonders if this will be the moment she comes clean about all the thousands of dollars she has pissed away partying rather than med school. Will her brother die due to her charade of deception? You will have to watch to find out.

Olive Morgan’s brothers are distinguishable by stereotypical character traits

The fat one, the gay one, the coke-head one, the nerdy one, and the divorced father with kids one on marriage number three. One has to wonder if the politically correct woke crowd has had something to do with driving this television series underground. More about that in a moment.

Of the six now-adult children, Olive stands out.

Not just because she is the only sister and because she is the only one with a high stakes conflict in the plot, but because she is a strikingly beautiful young woman. Everyone watching this series learns of daughter Olive’s relationship to father Don as her real-life father remark,

“How did Chris ever wind up making a daughter looking like Bridey!?”

If the Morgan family seems unwieldy at times it is understandable.  Bethany Hall and Daniel Powell created the series inspired by Hall’s own family. They both wrote and executive produced the series as Powell directed each episode.

The fast and loose nature of each script is a bit uneven but it allows the stars the freedom to adlib. Sedaris and Elliott are the draws as they convince us they really are the parents of six kids each having their own issues in life.

Verizon was the underwriter for this kind of premium content for Go90 in 2016. This series originally streamed from November 16-23 of 2016 with a new episode released daily exclusively on Go90

Our family watched it this year on Amazon Prime after a tip from a family member about how funny it was.

At this point it is worth noting, LANGUAGE WARNING!

This show is not fit for young children. Or families who have very strict religious viewpoints regarding offensive language.

A press release back in the day offered

“Every year during Thanksgiving, millions of Americans search for a distraction from their families.” said co-creator Powell. “Bethany and I are proud to present a series that provides just that.”

Co-creator Hall added,

“Have you ever brought your boyfriend home for Thanksgiving and realized that your family is a weird piece of performance art? So have I!”

It is to be noted that for some odd reason this article was very difficult to research and write to bring you. As an example, the very few reviews of the series left on the Internet had working links to the promotional trailer videos which have since been removed.

As is our preference at CDN, we like to punch up our articles written with videos you can watch as well when appropriate.

We feel it supports our points of view and the news we are trying to offer and can let you make up your own minds. The only video we found left on the ole WWW with some outstanding clips was from actress Morgan Weed. The only thing bad about this clip reel is the clips are not in order of series sequence but they are still worth the watch as Ms. Weed is truly a talent.

You can watch the videos at or on Amazon Prime.

“THANKSGIVING” Reel of Morgan Weed

If your family makes you crazy the coming Christmas or New Year’s holidays of this year, you may want to sit them down in front of your TV with this series and tell them,

“This is the very dysfunctional Midwestern Morgan family from Libertyville, Illinois. LET’S NOT BE LIKE THESE PEOPLE! Okay?!”


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Mark Schwendau

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting. His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech