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Dancing Nurses: A Merry, Viral Christmas to all from the White House

Written By | Dec 25, 2021
dancing nurses

Singing nurses offer a piped-in, lip-synched, decidedly pro-science Holiday production number to the White House occupants and their elite guest list. (Screen grab, Twitter video)

WASHINGTON – The current administration in Washington is nothing if not competitive when it comes to introducing memes. Albeit always inadvertently. Donald Trump, the reigning Master of the Meme, had better watch his back. Meanwhile, back in The Swamp, the latest instant meme emanating from the White House offers the nation’s peons a stunning, entertaining, musical way to Have a Merry Little Christmas themselves. How? By presenting a lip-synched, taxpayer-supported chorus line of (mostly) masked and undoubtedly jabbed dancing nurses. They’re undoubtedly here to help celebrate our second, Viral Christmas Holiday Season in a row. And, more than likely, to send another message to the Great Unvaxxed.

Enjoy the show, via the following Twitterverse video clip.

Many of our race-obsessed friends will immediately note one glaring anomaly in the above video. The only unmasked singer-dancers in this Viral Christmas meme-in-the-making are of the Caucasian Persuasion. Which goes to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that even the current, sainted administration is guilty of “systemic racism.” Who knew? Real original sin runs deep during this Viral Christmas season.

What gives with this latest otherworldly production number? Sundance, over at Conservative Treehouse, has some thoughts on the subject.

“Yes, White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, hired dancing nurses to come into the East Room to deliver a performance for the First Lady.  In the video below, the group sings about the joy of [C-word], the “winter of death”, and needing to spread a little Christmas cheer.

“You might find the entire performance cringeworthy, because it is.  The messaging is ridiculous, odd and, well, just plain weird.  However, this is what happens when the narrative pendulum swings wildly amid the communications team. The base of Biden supporters, ideological leftists, do not see the cringe, instead they see it as cute – but that’s because they have no connection to the actual emotion of Christmas joy.”

But here’s Sundance’s money graf:

“What you end up with is this weird North Korean style performance of nurses dancing in unison and singing. The expression on Jill Biden’s face is exactly the same look you might find on the face of Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo Jung.  To the White House, this is cute and fun; however, the look on the faces of the American audience is an uncomfortable grin.”

dancing nurses

And here’s a fuzzy reaction shot of a rather confused Dr. Jillaroo, trying to enjoy the antics of our nurse-practitioner chorus line. No doubt paid for by us! (Screen grab, Twitter video)

For even more White House Holiday cheer, check out this CDN news story: NORAD detects Brandon – seeking missile on Christmas Eve

But Wait! There’s more!

Another site, previously unknown to us, offers an example of how Life in These United States actually unfolds on at least two parallel planes of existence. The example appears on a White House Christmas greeting / Christmas card. Er, Holiday Card.

“The Biden White House issued the following statement from his White House C[ensored]-⁠19 Response Team and Public Health Officials:

“‘We are intent on not letting O___[censored]__on disrupt work and school for the vaccinated. You’ve done the right thing, and we will get through this.” “For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.’”

Translation: Die, Deplorables, die!

Now, having offered you a slice of the official 2021 White House Holiday Ham, we’re off to our kitchen to prepare a real All-American, anti-vegan feast.

So here’s wishing the rest of our Fellow Deplorables the very best, a very blessed, unmasked and Merry Christmas!

Note: Bolded and [censored] text in direct quotations above via this writer. The updated ad and search algorithms deployed by the social media Thought Police are after CDN again. At least we don’t get any “dislikes” these days. Nobody can find us!

Terry Ponick

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