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Conservative websites: First 5 of our Top 10 choices for 2018

Written By | Jan 14, 2018

WASHINGTON, January 10, 2018: Since now-President Donald Trump became the official GOP presidential nominee in 2016, deplorables, libertarians and conservatives alike have learned an important lesson. They can no longer rely at all on traditional, legacy news organizations to report the truth or something close to it. They’ve discovered their best chance to gain at least an approximation of the truth is to rely on a number of key conservative websites instead.

Of course, not all conservative websites are created equal. Some are nearly as bad as the lefty sites that long ago substituted lies, propaganda, slander and hate for objective news gathering. Further, many of these newer conservative websites sites lack access to the inside information and crafty, partisan leaker industry that still provides old-guard media types with a thin veneer of credibility.

Nevertheless, there are a number of thoughtful conservative websites that offer reliable and well-reasoned news and information. Their presence helps counter and disprove the daily barrage of misinformation promoted by the hardline Marxists of the left and their media enablers.

Here are the first five entries in my Top 10 list of reliably conservative websites. The list is in ascending order, meaning that the last in this list is my number one pick for 2018’s top conservative news and information site. The final five will appear in my next column.

10.* Includes major subtopic areas such as Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, etc. This bare knuckles conservative website would have been closer to the top of my list had I written this piece in December 2017. But given the Steve Bannon Theater of the Absurd drama that’s recently dominated the MSM – not to mention Bannon’s sacking from the leadership of this site last week – we’ll give an asterisk and a 10th place rating for 2018. The site’s writers and editors will have to figure out where they’re going next. However, we’d strongly advise them to cease and desist with regard to Bannon’s anti-RINO pogrom. I don’t like RINOs much either, but defenestrating enough of them to hand Congress over to the Democrats later this year won’t help the Conservative cause one iota.

9. Gateway Pundit. This longstanding conservative site headed up by St. Louis area resident Jim Hoft (hence the site’s name) has increasingly practiced a slash-and-burn style of conservative reportage. Once mostly written, Hoft and his fellow writers have provided more photos and YouTube videos lately than they have analytical prose, weakening the site somewhat from the way it was organized formerly. In addition, they’re occasionally outright wrong on the facts. However, unlike the shameless denizens of the MSM, the site admits it’s wrong when it’s wrong, so they get points back for that. A little more depth in reporting on this site would move it up in the list.

8. Don Surber. A longtime editorial writer for the Charleston, WV Daily Mail, Don was sacked by the paper in 2014 for his frank assessment of the ongoing tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri. He actually posted the offending opinion on his blog, which is not associated with the paper. But the paper canned him anyway, fearing they’d be tarred by Surber’s rather brutal assessment of the deceased would-be thief who started it all, Michael Brown. Free of his entangling alliance with the media, Surber has been swinging for the fences on his website ever since, and has been particularly acute when he writes about Donald Trump, whom he rightly predicted would win the presidency in 2016. For insightful opinion on the bizarre twists and turns of the Washington and media merry-go-rounds, you can’t find a more insightful guide.

7. Conservative Treehouse, aka, The Last Refuge. It’s only relatively recently that I’ve begun to read this much-recommended site. It’s known to its fans as the Conservative Treehouse, which is also part of its URL. But for some reason, the site itself is titled “The Last Refuge.” In any event, the folks who run this collective site have an excellent nose for news and often present detailed analysis of controversial topics. Hence, the site is frequently quoted and used as a source by other sites. Well worth an extended look.

6. Drudge Report. If you’re not already aware of this already venerable site, you should be, even if you hate the conservative point of view. Drudge is the closest site you’ll find if you’re looking for a pure blog and news aggregator. 98 percent of the time, all you’ll get is a scare headline and a link. The site itself remains boldly and remarkably retro, with its single daily page punched out in what looks like the American Typewriter font. It’s a look that reminds old timers like this columnist of the copy that real, old-time, ink-stained wretch-reporters used to punch out on their massive Royal or Remington office manual typewriters prior to racing each hot story down to the copy desk. The elusive Drudge himself affects a jaunty hat that reminds we early Boomers of that famous old reporter Walter Winchell. Drudge tends to highlight conservative stories and he can be unpredictable, as he was early on when President Trump first took office. On the other hand, he always carries general links to most MSM news sites as well. So, like Instapundit, the Drudge Report is a good place to start out each morning if you’re looking for stories the MSM usually ignores or mangles with malicious intent. On other Drudge quirk: The guy loves hurricanes, earthquakes and disasters, and generally provides excellent, in-depth links for the latest storm or temblor news as it happens.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.


Terry Ponick

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