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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews liberal bias too much for liberals

Written By | Feb 9, 2016

PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 9, 2016 — The liberal bias at MSNBC is well documented. According to Pew Research, MSNBC is the most opinionated of the news networks, devoting 85 percent of its airtime to strongly left-leaning opinion and commentary.

MSNBC is guilty of extreme indoctrination and favoritism. It deserves to be taken off the air completely.

That can’t be done, but ultra-liberal group has set its sights on the possibility of at least getting rid of wingnut anchor Chris Matthews, who has completely gone off the rails with his support for Hillary.

Why MSNBC is failing

Chris’s “thrill up my leg” comment about a speech by Barack Obama in 2008 is an infamous low-point in news-network objectivity. It’s been shared countless times on the Internet, often mocked, occasionally defended by Matthews himself.  The video in which he responds to criticism for the comment is as funny as the original itself.

Matthews went so far as to dismiss rape and sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton—as well as Hillary’s treatment of the women who made the allegations—as a relevant issue in 2016, calling it out of bounds.  He asserts that Hillary’s systematic attempts to destroy Bill’s accusers is irrelevant, even though Hillary campaigns as a feminist and a champion of women.

At nearly every turn, Matthews has either praised Hillary or given her a pass on important issues.

It appears that top Clinton donors are helping Matthews’ wife get elected to Congress. That clear conflict of interest may not be illegal, but it explains the liberal anchor’s strident and vocal support of Hillary . is not an honest organization or arbiter of right and wrong in media an politics; far from it. It launched a smear campaign against Gen. David Petraeus, it doesn’t think Boko Haram is a terrorist group, and their protesters aren’t the nicest of people.

But they do have a decent gripe against Matthews.

MSNBC: When being liberal means never having to pay your taxes

Matthews recently said that the Hillary campaign has no soul.  Some might think that is evidence that Matthews doesn’t favor her, but in reality, the majority of Matthews’ sound bites have been pro-Hillary; statements like this could be calculated to project an air of neutrality.

Whether or not Chris Matthews is ever fired for his bias, the conflict of interest is undeniable, and when even liberal groups are tired of your liberal bias, that is a pretty good sign that maybe something should be done about it.

Andrew Mark Miller