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Marvel drops the first trailer for the upcoming Avengers Infinity War

Written By | Dec 3, 2017

WASHINGTON, November 4, 2017 – Disney and Marvel Studios just released the much-anticipated trailer for ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’

The trailer has its humor.  There are things to look forward to. However, the video game character as movie antagonist is not a favorite genre crossover.  Of things not favored are the giant armies of computer-generated super humans rushing at each other because after a while the CG just turns into mush. And the emotional connection, the core of any movie, is lost.

Marvel does treat these superhero movies as the soap operas they are.  They are just soap operas on the largest scale possible.

Infinity War Multi-Universe

We’re going to see a loss but the multi-universe has not had a ton of loss. It’s been a little bit like the Fellowship of the Ring, in that you lose one guy and everyone else is fine, including the hobbits. Which seems ridiculous when you’re dealing with a massive magical war?

It feels as if we’re going to lose somebody in Infinity War and I do feel as if Thanos is collecting infinity gems and the Vision has one planted on his forehead. Who knows if Jarvis can hold on without the ‘mindstone’ stuck on his head. Is there somebody from the Black Panther pantheon that we lose? Maybe.

Yet you know just watching the Avengers at the head of an angry field of Wakandans marching into battle with glee and glory warriors, it’s going to be epic.

It’s a good time to be alive and they’re just giving fans more reasons to stay alive longer.

Once more into the breach, we go with the mortal universe.

For as much as it does get to be somewhat repetitive, the impact of seeing all of your heroes on screen together lessens every time. You know once you saw the Avengers, once you saw the circle shot where everyone was together. The dream we never thought was possible, you know once you saw the Trinity in Batman v.  Superman; you know once you see a thing and the thing that was important about it was seeing it for the first time.

Every subsequent time you lose some impact, it loses its specialness.  everything you know jewels after a while gold has lost its luster, jewel ceased to sparkle and all that’s left is her father’s love for his daughter once you’ve seen that it becomes less special.

And yet because they know how to pull our strings, they know to give that speech, like the one Nick Fury gave in the very first Avengers movie and parcel that out over the characters we fall in love with. Just seeing little bits and pieces and watching how people will play into the larger thrust of the story.

Watching Tony Stark cradle somebody’s body, who I’m going to assume is the Vision, because if you’ve got to kill everybody and it seems that killing the thing that’s not really alive is probably the easiest to do without taking a real soldier off of the table.

It’s not a tearjerker but it feels like another stop on the train which Marvel has built the tracks and the train just keeps rolling.

Maybe this stop is Union Station, it’s a big one, but it is definitely not a little baby stop. It rolls into the station saying, here we are in the big city and what’s going to happen in the big city.

It seems as if what happens in the big city, is lots of stuff will blow up and a couple of people will fall, and heroes will rise.  Despite all that, this film is expected to be a massive hit and could be one of the most successful films of all time. It’s a film that people have been waiting for, for over 10 years.

Marvel please hurry up and release this already.

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