Live Chat: Walking Dead Ep. 508 Coda – the end & beginning 9:00pm EST

The Walking Dead Ep. 508 CODA | Live chat
The Walking Dead Ep. 508 CODA | Live chat

WASHINGTON, November 30, 2014 – Last years mid-season finale had us all holding our breath over the Governor. This season opened with Terminus and that seems to have been a (Garth’s) lifetime ago. Really, The Walking Dead season five just started and here we are. Looking at hiatus until February.

Tonight’s show will leave us with plenty to wait for and in the meantime we can re-watch the first eight episodes. In order to prepare for Episode 508-Coda, lets review our season, with the help of Inside The Walking Dead videos, so far.:

Episode 501 – No Sanctuary

This episode brings Carol back as savior helping Rick, Daryl, and Glen, who escape their certain blood letting at the trough of Garth’s madness, as well as those being held in the freight car, fight their way out of Terminius.

Episode 502 – Strangers

This episode as Bob and Sasha falling in love – and we all know what that means. We also meet Father Gabriel. Carol is brought back into grace as the crew heads to the church seeking to regroup.

And it confront’s the choices they have all had to make post prison.

Episode 503 – Four Walls and a Roof

This is the seasons most pivotal episode as it has us confronting the cruel nature, one devoid of humanity, that is post apocalypse.

The cruelty of Gareth and the Cannibals; Gabriel’s confession and Bob’s death. Carol and Daryl are missing and as Tyreese attempts to hold onto his humanity, Sasha’s rage takes over.
And now they know that even inside a church, there is no safety – because as Maggie points out, in reality, post-apocalypse, its just four walls and roof.

Episode 504 – Slabtown

This is Beth’s episode. We learn where Beth is, a place we the watcher knows should be a place of healing and safety, but that is instead another hive of the insanity that seems to be inhabiting every small island of sanctuary they find. Woodbury is run by the Governor. The prison falls to the Governor. Terminus is now run by cannibals. The church is far from a holy refuge; Beth is held prisoner at Grady Memorial, run by crazy people. Survivors can fight Zombies.  Eventually the Zombies will die off. But they can’t fight the crazy.

Every single one of these sanctuaries has proven false; it is enough to make sane survivors insane.

Episode 505 – Self Help

The one bit of hope the survivors have is Eugene and his promise of a cure in DC.

Only Eugune confesses his lies and we learn Abraham’s back story – how he lost his family and his temper and ability to kill emerged. It is about confronting the things we need to do to survive. The little lies and transgressions necessary to survive – because he helps those that help themselves.

Episode 506 – Consumed

Out of all the episodes, fans love or hate this episode. The story gives watchers the emotional side of Carol and Daryl that lies just beneath their tough, survivor exteriors.
The writing is brilliant in this episode and that it features, primarily our two favorite characters, it was like the sorbet course of a multi-course feast thas sets watchers up for the final episodes before the mid-season finale.

Episode 507 – Crossed:

Noah and Daryl have lead Rick, Tyreese and Sasha back to Grady where they confront the napalmed zombies that have literally melted to the pavement. This Inside The Walking Dead video  really explains the “environments” created to bring the horrors of The Walking Dead to realistic life.  Crossed sets the scene for tonight’s mid-season finale, has all the players in place for the showdown that will lead to February’s return and what will be next for our group – because they are now without the goal that provided a purpose beyond survival.

Tonight’s midseason finale is Coda and as we know, each episode title carries with it its own meaning. A Coda, in music, designates a passage that will bring us to the finale of the piece, it is the end and the beginning, the transition of the piece.

Meaning that we are in for some serious conclusions and a cliffhanger set up that will keep us on the edge of our seats until The Walking Dead returns in February.

We all know someone is going to die tonight, but no one knows exactly who (or if they do, I am not reading about it):

Rick, Daryl, Noah, Sasha and Tyreese are attempting to extract Beth and Carol from the hospital tonight. The synopsis for the episode teases a showdown between Rick’s group and Dawn’s group.

We also have Michonne and Carl, with Judith, back at the church where Father Gabriel has stupidly escaped – and most might agree that he has escaped to his certain death.

Our AMC leaked photos show that Michonne and Carol are going to have roles in tonight’s episodes.

However, Sasha has long opined that Gabriel is “hiding” something. Working with someone. Will he be the herald of a new danger for Michonne, Carl and Judith.

Carl is being groomed as the next leader of this group. He does what he is told, is relied on to keep the ship steady. And has wisdom far beyond his young years. (That’s not the way it should be among you. Instead, whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, – Matthew 20-26)

Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Noah and Tyreese, with hostages waiting to bring some hurt down on the hospital crew – We know Rick and Daryl will survive.

Odds are that Sasha, with her newly spoken rage, will make it through. Noah is totally expendable. Tyreese’s death would be an emotional blow to the watchers who love this gentle man.

We know that in their attempts to rescue Carol and Beth, all the police will die. There may be a survivor among them, but the bets are off that the writers are bringing more characters into this season. However we don’t care about the Grady enforcers – though Dawn has either shown a softer side or is setting Beth up for a one way trip down the elevator shaft.

Carol and Beth are both in the hospital, Carol mortally wounded. Beth was showcased in the Slabtown episode, so that might have her on the writers delete list, or it might have set up the once innocent now able to kill without mercy, Beth as a survivor.

Melissa McBride has said this episode is “heartbreaking”. That the writers would kill off Carol is not out of context, but we all hope not. She is the ultimate survivor and the end of the last episode has Beth offering viewers hope she will survive. But how.  There is a way.

Out of the hospital group, Doctor Steven Edwards, Beth’s new best friend, might make it out alive – which will be necessary if Carol is to survive. We also have a beat down Eugene that could use some medical attention. The hospital has plenty of working vehicles, including an ambulance.  We might see the group leaving Grady, Carol and Dr. Edwards in an ambulance, and finding the Maggie, Glen, Rosita, Eugene and Abraham on the road to DC, or possibly doubling back. And they are going to have to return to the church to get Carl, Michonne and Judith.

Beth and Carol might survive, or Beth may die protecting Carol because if Beth and Carol both live, Carol will have to confess what happened to Lizzie and Mika Samuels episode 404 “The Grove.”

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Beth however deserves some form of reconciliation with Maggie before shuffling off to the great beyond and Maggie and Glen are with Rosita, Tara, Abraham and Eugene attempting to get to DC, or as the DC goal has now been busted, will they return and join the fight at the hospital (Rick could use Abraham here) leading to the death of … my bet is Abraham.

And possibly Rosita.

Join us tonight for our mid-season finale Live Chat that will include The Talking Dead.

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