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Preview – Live Chat The Walking Dead: Ep. 505 Self Help 9:00pm EST

Written By | Nov 9, 2014

WASHINGTON, November 9, 2014 – Walking Dead, episode 505 Self Help has viewers through almost a third of the way through season’s 16 episodes.

Which means that even though the season –some say the best yet – started on the edge, managed to weave our survivors back together, and then shred them apart – its going to get really good from here as the show climbs toward the story arc apex before setting things up for Season 6.

In Four Walls and a Roof (ep. 503) we saw just how brutal the fighter survivors are as Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Daryl and it led to what I think of as the gentler faith survivors– Maggie, Rosita, Tara, Glen, Judith and Carl, Tyreese, and Gene being led by commando Abraham, taking off toward DC.

One question for viewers: How does Abraham and Gene keep those mullets so perfect?

With the following leaked Self Help leaked photos, the DC bound group runs into some trouble.

A bloodied Glen on his way to DC in Episode 505 Self Help The Walking Dead

A bloodied Glen on his way to DC in Episode 505 Self Help The Walking Dead


Abraham fighting a walker  on his way to DC in Episode 505 Self Help The Walking Dead

Abraham fighting a walker on his way to DC in Episode 505 Self Help The Walking Dead

Will they survive. Of course. But who? The internet chatter is that Rosita is on The Talking Dead in memoriam list. But someone is going to die. They always do.

The faith survivors leave the fighter survivors Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol and Sasha behind to “clean things up” at the church following the massacre of Gareth and the cannibals from Terminus and start the recover Beth storyline.

At the end of ep. 503 Four Walls and a Roof Daryl returned after chasing the car that had grabbed Beth, without Carol but with someone still unknown in the forest behind him.

At the end of ep. 504 SlabTown, the name of Atlanta’s 1840’s red light district where Grady is now located, we see Carol on a gurney being wheeled past Beth who is fighting to get out of Grady Hospital in Atlanta hospital where she is being held captive by warden Dawn.

An interesting note is that the initial airing of 504 was watched by 14.518 million American viewers, up from the previous weeks 13.801 viewers.

In tonight’s episode 505 Self Help we will find out, we hope, how Carol and Daryl were separated and just who returned to St. Sarah’s Church with Daryl.

My best guess is that Daryl and Carol followed the car with the cross in the back window to Grady, encountering Noah, who escaped leaving Beth behind, who told our favorite duo that Beth is in the hospital and what is happening there.

They chose to send Carol into the hospital, probably because Noah told them Dawn would be less likely to kill a woman she thought she could control.

Daryl has taken Noah back to the church to get the army to liberate the hospital prisoners and Beth, before they head North to DC and the short bus heading to salvation.

What is very interesting is that the group is returning to Atlanta, full circle to where they began in Season One.

There are plenty of other scenarios.

It is Morgan in the woods, but that would not necessarily propel Daryl to lead the survivor Calvary to Atlanta.

That Carol was hit by a car (with a cross in the back window) as she and Daryl were attempting to get close to the hospital, however that makes no sense to me.

Carol is not dumb and she would not be taken down standing in the middle of the road.

The only way to be really sure what episode 505 Self Help will bring is to watch the show.

What I think is fun is the emerging religious theme to this season. The alter like spirituality at Terminus in the room that Carol killed Mary in. The questioning of the presence of God, via the questioning the goodness of Gabriel, the faith of the groups “I will kill to survive, but I don’t enjoy it” contingent believing in Abraham and his quest to get Gene to DC where they will find … the heaven on earth they seek?

And tonight’s title – Self Help: Does God help those that help themselves? Or does God simply not exist? Will God or Science save the survivors in DC?

Seems to be the paradox of Season Five. Join CDN Live Chat – let’s discuss. Join Communities Digital News Walking Dead / Talking Dead Live Chat, starting tonight at 9:00pm EST. It’s a show you should not watch alone.

Particularly if you are in the woods!

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