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Live Chat: Say it ain’t so! The 24: Live Another Day final episode / 9pm EST

Written By | Jul 14, 2014
24: Live Another Day Live Chat

24: Live Another Day Live Chat

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2014 – We love 24 and rejoiced as Jack, Chloe, Audry, Kate, and President Heller returned following the ending of the series on May 24, 2010. In that final episode, when we left Jack Bauer he was heading deep underground as a man wanted by the US Government as a traitor, and psychopath, accused of killing to Russian Diplomats after his girlfriend was brutally shot and killed.

To the immense approval of fans who make 24: Live Another Day a phenomena, Jack emerged in this limited run series to once again sacrifice himself in order to save the republic, this time President Heller, who is the target of terrorist MargoAl-Harazi (Michelle Fairley in what may be one of the most brilliant actor casts ever).

And it has kept us all glued to our seats every Monday.

And tonight, alas, it is over.

The show has been set in London, giving a new texture to the show that brough back its core ensemble cast from the 2010 season. We cheered as he saved Chloe from (Mary Lynn Rajskub) sporting a dark, very Goth, raven eyed look, Audrey Boudreau (Kim Raver), Jack’s unrequited love now married to Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) who is Chief of Staff to her father, President James Heller, played so wonderfully by William Devane.

Because no good story has one arm, we add in Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) who is a CIA agent in disgrace after failing to notice her husband was selling classified information to the Chines – but wait, that was the CIA’s very onw Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) working with Chloe’s hacker boyfriends Adrian Cross (played diabolically well by Michael Wincott).

We all cheered when the shows fast pace had Jack pulling son Ian Al-Harazi (Liam Garrigan) through a window to his death, only to toss mom Margot over his should to land on the concrete next to him (in 12 episodes, who has time to arrest?)

And we all felt horror when the very sweet Jordan Reed (Giles Matthey) was killed by the man he trusted most, Navarro.

Tonight, we have Audrey once again in grave danger as Cheng Zhi (Tzi Ma) is attempting to start war between the US and China, having used the targeting device tossed around like a football throughout the last 11 episodes to target an American nuclear missile at a Chinese ship killing all aboard.

We left Jack last week having killed Russian spy Anatol Stolnavich (Stanley Townsend) who was working with Zhi, the very same Zhi who captured and tortured both Jack, and even more horrifically, Audrey.

As we look to start the show tonight, Audrey is in the sniper’s crosshairs, controlled by Zhi, who just killed the Chinese president’s daughter, Jia Sim (Tuyn Do) and Jack back in the role of saving the damsel in distress.

Spoiler sites say that Jack will have to choose between killing Zhi or saving Audrey.

We will have to watch and see. Join us for our final 24: Live Another Day chat, tonight, 9:00pm, Eastern – 8:00pm, Central here on Communities Digital News.

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