Ladies of ‘The View’: Reaping what they sow

Joy Behar has always been an intolerant zealot who tried to disguise her ideological bigotry under the guise of comedy.

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ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey, September 20, 2015 — Of all the political controversies dominating the 2015 Summer, the one circling over “The View” is probably the least important.

The program is a bunch of chattering twits chattering like twits. The day it rises to the level of relevance is the day that either Armageddon or world peace has broken out. Nevertheless, the program has now allowed all of us to have one of those obnoxious “teachable moments” that politically correct liberals cherish like broccoli-flavored candy.

The ladies of The View are in full damage control after getting caught making politically incorrect comments. Advertisers are fleeing.

Michelle Collins made insensitive remarks about nurses. Joy Behar piled on. The ladies were trying to be funny, but nurses across America were not amused. The nurses did what far too many people do when they are offended. They created a Twitter hashtag and led a victimhood rally in the name of censorship.

Conservative Republicans eschew boycotts, but if ever there was a boycott to enjoy, this one is it.

Michelle Collins can actually be funny, but Joy Behar has built her life on being a politically correct, prissy schoolmarm whose entire comedy routine comes down to despising conservatives and Republicans for existing and breathing air.

When leftist television host Bill Maher used a misogynistic term directed at Sarah Palin, Behar piled on Palin. When leftist radio host Ed Schultz called conservative radio host Laura Ingraham a “talk slut,” Behar was nowhere to defend Ingraham.

When conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh referred to Sandra Fluke as a “slut,” Behar exploded in moral righteous anger at Limbaugh. When Limbaugh briefly began losing some advertisers, Behar was nowhere to champion free speech.

To be fair, nobody is entitled to have a radio or television show. Advertisers listening to their customers is not censorship. However, most of these boycotts start with political activists pushing their own ideological agendas.

Since most of the nurses Behar offended are Caucasian, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will not have the time to defend her.

Behar has always been an intolerant zealot who tried to disguise her ideological bigotry under the guise of comedy. Her most intolerant moment came when Bill O’Reilly came on the show and pointed out that Muslims attacked the United States on September 11, 2001.

An aghast and ghastly Behar began screaming the false canard that not every Muslim attacked America. O’Reilly never said that all Muslims attacked America, but that is what Behar and her shrieking sister in hysterics Whoopi Goldberg wanted to hear.

What O’Reilly said was what most lucid individuals understood. Radical Muslims attacked America. O’Reilly’s criticism was that politically correct individuals were refusing to mention Islam’s role in the attacks even though all 19 hijackers were Muslim.

Rather than let him make his point, Behar and Goldberg stormed off the set in one of the least professional television incidents not involving an MSNBC anchor.

Behar’s acted like a bully. She wanted to prevent a point of view she disagreed with from being spoken. Her behavior was at its core heart an act of of censorship and what The View has always been about.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the sole voice of reason on the show. Her job is to be the conservative punching bag. Her liberal coworkers treat her like an intellectually handicapable child even though she is frequently the only adult in the room.

Now the tables have been turned.

Liberals have spent years saying that certain politically correct groups cannot be criticized or made fun of. Critics of President Barack Obama are all racists. Those wanting secure borders are xenophobes who hate Hispanics. Those who worship from a Christian religious book are bible-thumping zealots while those motivated to commit murder solely from what they believe the Koran tells them are given a free pass.

Behar mocked nurses, a protected group apparently too weak and pathetic to take an unfunny joke and lighten up. Most nurses are women, which explains why they went into a hysterical complaining hissyfit.

Those determined to scream sexism miss the point that America is America because we have the right to be politically incorrect. Nurses could have mocked Behar back, but instead had to have their moment of outrage in the sun. Imagine if Behar had insulted schoolteachers, who are the biggest crybabies ever created.

The teachers’ unions would be demanding Behar be burnt at the stake and the skin of her children used to make badly written textbooks children still never wish to read.

Joy Behar may be a stupid dumb bitch, but the phony advertisers who supported her all these years knew this when they signed on. Stupid dumb bitches say stupid dumb things in a bitchy manner.

Just once, can everybody on this earth lighten up?

Joy Behar did not fly airplanes into towers in the name of Allah. She is a comedienne who has spent her life offending people. Criticizing her for being offensive is like criticizing dwarves for failing to succeed in the National Basketball Association.

Why elevate a woman, stupid and untalented, to a level of importance worthy of a boycott? Would it not be better for those who are offended by everything to just change the channel? A better question would be why any woman is so incredibly vapid that she would spend time watching The View to begin with.

As for men who watch The View, these metrosexuals need to grow a pair and go toss around a football.

Real alpha men overwhelmingly vote Republican and loathe political correctness.  The ladies of The View will use their platform to continue belittling conservative Republicans so they can get their equally vapid ideological soulmate Hillary Clinton elected President.

The advertisers will not care unless one of the women offends a tri-racial Latina pygmy or a schoolteacher.

Meanwhile, politically correct rage will rage on. The dumbing down of America will continue as politically correct liberals insist on devouring their own when they run out of conservative Republicans to abuse and humiliate.

The View should be canceled because it is an idiotic program with zero redeeming intellectual social value. It should not be cancelled or boycotted simply because one easily offended group normally supportive of their behavior saw the group mildly turn inward.

Now that liberals have come for other liberals, there are no conservatives around to speak up.

Like Gloria Gaynor, this babbling yakkathon known as The View will survive.

Joy Behar will apologize and probably learn nothing from this incident. The rest of us will return to the real world, where people can focus on issues of substance and people who matter.

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