Israel’s plight is not funny – Jon Stewart laughing and lying about Israel is hate

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart

GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel, July 17, 2014 — Jon Stewart’s attack on Israel earlier this week was, even by the standards of America’s debased media, beyond the pale. From it we can conclude just one thing.

Jon Stewart is a jerk.

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Is Stewart’s “The Daily Show” just a satire? A 2004 Pew Research Poll cited by ABC News found that “21 percent of people aged 18 to 29 cited “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live” as a place where they regularly learned presidential campaign news.” By contrast, only “23 percent of the young people mentioned ABC, CBS or NBC’s nightly news broadcasts as a source.”

A 2007 Pew Poll, cited by The New York Times, found that “when Americans were asked … to name the journalist they most admired, Mr. Stewart, the fake news anchor, came in at No. 4, tied with the real news anchors Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw of NBC, Dan Rather of CBS and Anderson Cooper of CNN.” The 2007 poll concluded that “‘The Daily Show’ is clearly impacting American dialogue” and “getting people to think critically about the public square.”

That was seven years ago.

Jon Stewart, who whether he wants it or not has tremendous influence over young adults and therefor a great deal of responsibility, chose to distort the truth on the current war between Israel and Gaza. He also mocked the people of Israel, who have spent the past month fleeing for their bomb shelters day in and day out as Hamas and Fatah terrorists rain rockets down on them.

Here is the video of Stewart’s disgraceful rant:

A clearer example of a self-hating Jew could not be found.

Stewart has decided to attack Israel the only way Israel can be attacked in this war — by grossly distorting the facts.

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Stewart argues that it is unfair that Israelis have a smartphone app that warns them when a rocket is coming, while the Palestinians are not warned at all. The fact that Israel has been constantly dropping leaflets and making phone calls to Gaza residents to get out of their homes far before the bombing begins has been widely reported, including in the Arab media. Even the clip Stewart shows following this statement, which discusses phone calls made from the Israeli Defense Force to Gaza residents, negates his initial point, but he doesn’t care because the damage has already been done.

Despite Stewart’s self-contradiction, his ignorant audience has already watched him describe the apparent disparity between the two sides, portraying the Palestinians in Gaza as the helpless underdogs. It doesn’t matter to him that Hamas, which was elected by the people of Gaza, are the self-proclaimed aggressors. It doesn’t matter to him the Israel has unilaterally agreed to not only a cease-fire, but a pause in fighting to allow humanitarian aid to be transferred into the Gaza Strip. That offer was met by more rocket fire.

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter to him that Israeli citizens are warned about rockets because of Israeli ingenuity and an Israeli government that cares about its citizens, while Gazans are not warned because their government wants as many civilian causalities as possible, not because of any actions or inactions by Israel herself.

Facts are an inconvenience to a liberal self-hater like John Stewart. Comparing apples to oranges works better when you want to smear the Jewish State.

There are a number of other insane misrepresentations in the segment. The fact that Gazans have nowhere to run, when Israel calls to warn of an impending attack is not because Israel and Egypt trap them there, but because Hamas terrorists hold them on location at gunpoint, or because many Gaza residents volunteer to rush up onto the roofs of potential bomb sites to deter the most humane army in the world, the IDF, from protecting its own people because it may come at the cost of presumably innocent Palestinian lives.

This video of an IAF pilot calling off a bombing after spotting children on a roof has gone viral on the internet, but John Stewart must not have been online that day.

Finally, the reason the reporter in Gaza wears a bulletproof vest while the reporter in Tel Aviv does not is not, as Stewart suggests, because Israel is hammering Gaza while life in Israel is fine and dandy. A bulletproof vest would not help against an Israeli bombing. The vest is more likely being worn to avoid being murdered by Hamas terrorists who do not take kindly to non-radical Muslims in their territories.

The most insidious part of Stewart’s monologue on the war is not his twisting of the truth, but the casual nature with which he portrays Israel under fire.

Making jokes about the Code Red app that warns Israelis about incoming missiles, and insinuating that Israelis are living comfortably while Gaza is being pounded, strikes a very raw chord.

Has Stewart seen the pictures of young children, pregnant women, the physically disabled and senior citizens being forced to sprint into bomb shelters at all hours of the day?

Has Stewart been woken up in the middle of the night by his son or daughter crying because they thought they heard another air raid siren?

Has Stewart trembled every time a car door slams too loudly because he is traumatized by the sound of the Iron Dome intercepting an incoming missile, reminding all who hear it just how close they came to death for the umpteenth time this month?

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No, Stewart sits in his comfy studio in Los Angeles, preaches to the world on how unbalanced this war is and ridicules a country that has done more to save Israelis and Palestinians during this conflict than anyone else in the world.

Jon Stewart has shown zero integrity when it comes to reporting this battle, and 13 Emmys do not give anyone the right to re-write the truth. Be it arrogance or hate, Stewart has exposed himself as an ardent Israel-hater and it is terribly depressing that he is considered a political authority in the United States.

Many have noted that Israeli PR, which has always been subpar, has bungled yet again with this war. However, after watching Stewart’s two and a half minutes of b.s., it is abundantly clear that no matter how stellar Israel’s advocates are, the Jewish State will never get a fair shake from the media.

The truth doesn’t fit Jon Stewart’s narrative, so, coward that he is, he hides behind his inane laugh and childish F-Bombs, as he seeks to trick the world into thinking Israel is indiscriminately attacking the people of Gaza.

It is time for America to reconsider who it allows into their living rooms. Jon Stewart and his ilk will stop at nothing to push their radical anti-Israel agendas, even if it comes at the price of truth, and it is time that the country permanently changes the channel.

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  • Badger BadgerBadger

    Yeah this has to be the dumbest fluff piece demonstrating the irrational mindset of zionists. Not a single breath of hate speech was uttered by Jon Stewart here. Not even a smidge. He was making fun of the tragedy of the circumstances, and noting that there really isn’t a warning for civilians in Gaza. It’s very dangerous for residents of Gaza. Anyone calling this hate is mentally retarded and insane and needs to seek psychotherapy before their lunacy reaches others.

    • OfficialPro

      Well then maybe Hamas should STOP LAUNCHING ROCKETS AND MISSILES AND MORTARS FROM HOSPITALS SCHOOLS AND HOMES. Which they are doing in BLATANT disregard for international law and the GENEVA CONVENTION.

      How come it’s OK for Hamas to disobey international law, even as you guys cry about Israel allegedly doing so?

      • Phill Dickingson

        Well maybe the Jews should stop bombing them.

        They will when Hamas stops firing rockets.

        Which will happen when the Jews stop bombing them.

        That will become reality when Hamas stops firing rockets.

        Since I was five, people have joked that on the day the world ends; Israeli and Palestine will still be fighting.

        Hatfields and McCoys.

        Romeo and Julliet.

        Fighting and never knowing why.

    • Philippe

      I Agree

      • The truth

        @OfficialPro:disqus Israel already kicked 6 million Palestinians out of their land and killed many. They are still doing the same thing!!!!! R U TRYING TO SAY THAT PALESTINE SHOULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT????? uR PATHETIC!!!!

  • Marshalldoc

    Yeah, all you hasbara hacks just hate it when you’re memes are exposed as lies, and your morality is exposed as naked self-aggrandizement. One day justice will prevail, there will be one nation from the river to the sea, everyone in it will have equal rights, anyone whose family once lived there will have the ‘right of return’ (regardless of religious myth – doesn’t that just irk the hell out of you?) and it will be call “Palestine”.

    • OfficialPro

      “From the river to the sea”- you realize that’s a GENOCIDAL chant against Jews, don’t you?

      Your “dream” is a fantasy, for no Moslem nation has equal rights, certainly not for christians, and definitely not for Jews. Many threw out their Jews, for the naked Jew hate in Arab nations is palpable. Make no mistake, if there’s a “Palestinian State” to the exclusion of ANY Jewish state (ie rather than a “two state solution”), the Jews will ALL be killed or driven away. Either by ignorance or full knowledge, you are promoting Genocide against Jews. Are you aware that it is illegal for Jews to enter Saudi Arabia and many other Muslim/Arab Countries?

      BTW The “two state solution” ALREADY FAILED. Gaza was handed to the Palestinians wholesale and without any Jews in there either. Instead of being productive, they simply ramped up their war against Israel.

      Palestinians are descended from Colonizing Occupying Arab Conquerors; they have no more right to the land than an Eskimo.

      Your avatar indicates you are a white male in his late 60s early 70s. You should be ashamed of yourself by believing all the lies from the “Pro-Palestinian” side, for their words and accusations are about worth as much as the Protocols Of the Elders of Zion. And if you believe the Protocols are genuine and true, you really are a stupid jew-hating sap of a hippie with hidden neonazi tendencies.

      But as they say, there’s no fool like an old fool…

      • Theresa

        No more right to land than an Eskimo? Officalpro congrats!! That’s one of the most ignorant, racist comments I have read in a long while. First nations in Canada have an intrinsic right to land, one that is being upheld throughout the country legal action after legal action.

      • Phill Dickingson

        I bet Officialpro is here because he hates Jews and Black people too.

  • OfficialPro

    Jon Steward is a JINO.

  • blacktygrrrr

    This piece is very well written, although too charitable to Stewart. He is not just a self-loathing Jew. He is also a self-loathing American despite America making him rich and famous. He is a terrible human being, and frankly he does not bring anything positive to this world.

    eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Hugo Monteiro Afonso

    Jon Stewart is not a self-hating jew, but a self-conscious one. This site couldn’t be more amusing and jew. Even better, It becomes annoyingly amusing and jew. This is real “bs” Israeli and US propaganda, motivated by western interests. I’m not surprised by reading this kind of dump from an american, cause the majority of your country is composed by idiots who idolatre even bigger idiots. That’s why everyone around the globe hates USA (and I speak for the majority here in Europe). And all of you who believe this lyrical vomit, are as ignorant as who writes it. Simply pathetic. Long live Palestine!

    • Trevo Smith

      The world hates American because the spotlight is on American, but in the fleeting moments were it looks in other places terrible things are seen. Europe is a hotbed of racism that Americans can’t even comprehend, while much of the world is ether led in terror or worse.

      At least here we can vote for whoever and there is not just one name on the ballot, like so many places.

    • MF

      Uh, using “Jew” as a pejorative adjective is not OK. The website is Jew? WTF? Please realize this when making your arguments.

  • Jsforever

    First off Jon Stewart sits in a studio in New York, not L.A. If your going to call yourself a journalist and smear someone else on not getting the facts at least check yours. Second “The most humane army in the world.” Really this what I am sick of, the whole Israel humbler then though spin, the video of the pilot not shooting going “viral” I’ve never heard of it, so how viral did it really go and oh poor Israel never gets a fair shake in the press. Neither does Obama, so tell me something new, stop with the act that somehow your war is tougher then any other war, stop acting like Israel has a cross to bear that others do not, it’s always the same cross.
    As a American, the same as Jon Stewart, I’m sick and tired of my fate being tied to Israel, that me and him can’t have a different opinion cause it’s wrong even though we are not Israeli citizens or Palestinians. Look at it this way what if Israel found itself in the middle of the Ukraine Russian divide, except only able to support one side the Russians. After the Maylasian air plane went down wouldn’t you want a chance to form a different opinion, but you can’t your aligned with Russia, and even though this isn’t Russia. But Russian separatist it still falls back on Russia and thus Israel.
    Either way I wish Israel would just do it already invade gaza and round up all the Arabs, put a far right Zionist in charge and tell him or her to go hog wild. Secret police, detention without trial, Maas executions, torture, the whole nine yards. Then afterwards you have a choice either say hey we where sorry but we had to do what we had to do, or better yet we had the chance to be nazis and we decided no we aren’t going to and we will find a peaceful solution. Either option allows Israel to break from its longstanding tradition of being in a war one their not trying to win.

    • Trevo Smith

      People who are invaded frequently do not make good people.

      Britain was invaded many, many times. The results was an empire that took over much of the free world and used the maxim gun to take everything it could at any price.

      Israel may not haven fallen, but it’s only a matter of time till they stoop to the point of those they are fighting: a la “he who fights monsters”.

    • RGZ_50

      Stewart can say whatever he wants to and I occasionally check out his riffs along with Colbert’s. Sometimes he nails it, sometimes he FUBARs it. Often, he’s funny. Fine. You can say whatever you like as well. But you really sound stupid when you go off on the whole Israel / Kristallnacht scenario. It’s so over the top, it’s clownish.

    • Chilawyer

      You’re so unhappy being a Jew, then convert to Islam you piece of garbage.

  • R Tumenggung

    Why do you make the equation: critic of Israeli brutality = self hating Jew? It makes no sense.

    • Phill Dickingson

      Becuase it would seem it’s wrong to mock your own people.

      Which is stupid, because who else is going to be able to do it without being called racist?

  • Trevo Smith

    I have a pastor who was over there when this happened, constantly mentioned that most people didn’t think the rockets were a big deal while they were there.

    He was in the line of fire and he looked bored, it would seem the rockets are not actually hitting much.

  • theSindhiAbbasi

    You s*n of a bi*ch Zionist think that the world is blind to warmongering Zionist state.

    • murkyskies

      Pakistan has killed 50,000 people this year alone. and you have the audacity to criticize Israel who in self-defense from genocidal maniacs (like your Pakistani ilk) has killed 500.

      • Phill Dickingson

        I recall the numbers between the two being very close.

        Like “WW1, we are fighting to the last man over something stupid” close.

  • amalfebokra

    Well in less than 2 weeks and until yesterday israeli Army murdered more than 350 palestinian in Gaza and surprisingly 50% of them are children,, and many are complete families !!!

    Anyone can search how many jew died ! And who are they !!!

    Jon stewart was speaking as a human not as a jew

  • Nicolas Fabbroni Leroy

    Why don’t we send all.. I mean ALL the IDF on vacation, deactivate Iron Dome, leave a few rocket launchers, kalashnikovs, and rocks to the Israeli civilians who stay, then have the US (hah) go on an all-out bombing and shelling campaign on Israeli cities under the exact same conditions that you nazi-emulating zionists are bombing Gaza. Bet the actual air raid sirens will be the least of your “traumas”.

  • James Young

    Yeah, this article was really lame.

  • JoshuaAssad

    what a poorly written article concentrating on completely the irrelevant aspects of this crisis. Jon Stewart has the courage to be objective and he is immediately a ‘self-hating jew’ what a ridiculous phrase that is, suddenly self-loathing belongs to jews swell now. If he wasn’t jewish he’d be an anti-semite, but you can’t call him that can you. You are a loathsome bigoted individual who writes very poorly, tie up another profession


    Stewart is just a self-hating jew…nothing more than that…

  • Paul T

    Nicholas Fabbroni Leroy
    You really should try reading up on your history before making such ill thought out statements,
    Firstly the flippant use of power words such as “Nazi” demeans all those that suffered and died at the hands of such an evil institution, There is absolutely no comparison, none, Similarly apartheid.
    Secondly you got me thinking with your first comment, until I realised that, Israel tried that, 1948, 1956, 1967 they were not exactly the favourites in any of those conflicts, in fact they were surrounded by well equipped armies while they were manufacturing their own weapons, subsequently they became rather good at it
    Thirdly Israel has made peace twice with former enemies, Egypt and Jordan, both times these countries were offered the exact same territories back that were taken from them. THEY DID NOT WANT THEM. Eventually Gaza was left, given back to the Palestinians, money given to them by Israel the USA and EU. Then even more rockets started falling within HOURS not Months Hours. These are not stones or a couple or RPG’s but missiles tens of thousands of them. Those hospitals schools which have been built, are for the most part are financed by various charitable institutions, or donations, which somehow equates to them becoming military ordinance depots.
    You will probably find most Israelis the large majority very willing to give things up for peace as long as it means they can live peaceful lives, not just place themselves in a worse position.

  • Paddy Xtolpho

    “Anti-Semite” is just a cheap insult to control the conversation. It means no more than someone who won’t lie down and take absolutely anything just because his opponent claims the Hebrew schizoid duality of victimization and supremacy. It’s the equivalent of trolling YouTube comments, and takes no more brains.

    So, to counter the notion of Israel’s privilege and long-suffering sanctity::

    “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel… Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”

    – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Late influential spiritual leader of the Shas party, which was a part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government from 2009-2012. (September 2010)


    Islam is bad. Judaism is worse. They’re cut from the same cloth of believing that who you are is more important than what you do. And that’s the very place from where terrorism comes.

  • the greek

    Israel is a terrorist barbaric and evil State. ..the sooner iran achieve their objective the better

    • Chilawyer

      Ha, if you were really Greek you’d know that Athens and Sparta both fought defensive wars against Xerxes and the Persian Empire. If Iran ever conquers Israel then Greece will fall a month later, and the Greek people will have to learn Farsi and add minarets to their churches.

    • Phill Dickingson

      Iran is just as bad if not worse the Israel.

      Israel is a failed state that hurts people. Iran is a failed state that hurts people and helps others hurt people.

  • Zere Ochs

    When I think of John 8:44, the Jews naturally come to mind.