IRS to Dilbert and beyond: The wonderful media week that Was

Heavy media madness to read and analyze this week also includes an online writer’s uncensored thoughts on the March 8 Day Without Women hard-left temper tantrum.

Marchers in San Francisco edition of the Day Without a Woman protest over... what? Note the typically vulgar poster just to the right of the RESIST sign. (Image via Wikipedia entry on this movement, CC 3.0 license)

WASHINGTON, March 11, 2017 – Here’s a brief sweep of what interesting internet from the week that’s just passed. Normally, we prefer to offer a number of shorter stories and links. But the material we uncovered late this week requires a little more focus.

As per this series of columns, we present the story link first, then a pertinent chunk of material from the referenced author or site, and finally follow with deeply learned comments of our own.

So let’s get today’s Wild Rumpus started:

TaxProf Blog follows the latest developments in the IRS Scandal

“The Internal Revenue Service has located 6,924 documents potentially related to the targeting of Tea Party conservatives, two years after the group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for them.

“The watchdog group intended to find records regarding how the IRS selected individuals and organizations for audits that were requesting nonprofit tax status.

“The agency will not say when it will make the documents available to the public.”

Comment: Paul L. Caron, a professor at Pepperdine University School of Law has run this excellent site for years. He is particularly noteworthy for his unsung heroism in doggedly following the still ongoing story of IRS politicization and stonewalling throughout the Obama Administration, one of many scandals that have yet to be cracked. Today’s entry contains a log of what’s already been pried from the IRS, information-wise. Now that the Trump Administration is on watch, we’re not surprised the IRS has acknowledged the existence of nearly 7,000 potentially damning documents related to the economic quashing of the Tea Party Movement. Note, however, that there’s still no timetable for the release of these documents.

Dilbert’s Scott Adams on the red herring issue of Income Inequality

“Back in 2014 B.T. (Before Trump), the headlines were all about income inequality. I don’t recall hearing much of anything about immigration in the news. Then candidate Trump – the Master Persuader – told us that immigration was a big problem. Almost instantly the media started treating it like the biggest issue in the world. The public followed. And when Trump won, do you know how the experts who had been wrong about 100% of everything for a year explained it? They said President Trump won because he picked policies that people liked.

“Well, not exactly.

“What happened is that candidate Trump persuaded us that immigration was a big problem. And in so doing, he pushed the issue of income inequality off the page…. President Trump is in our heads. He told us what our priorities were and we accepted it, even if we hated his plans. Some people think is it a priority to get tougher on immigration, some think the opposite. But we all agree the issue is important.

“If you had asked me in 2014 to list my country’s top 10 problems, immigration would not have been on the list. Now it’s usually at the top of the news. Trump did that. And by doing it he showed us a level of leadership that I have never seen in my lifetime…. But here’s the interesting part. If you want to address income inequality, what is one of the best ways to do it? Answer: Limit immigration. That means higher wages for American citizens and lower profits for the top 1% who want cheap labor.”

Comment: Read the whole thing.

During the gloomy economic years following Obama’s re-election in 2012, minority individuals of my acquaintance would quietly and bitterly complain that the “World War Z” hordes of immigrants swarming across the border were making the economic plight of their friends and relatives worse, causing unemployment to rise and wages to disappear for minorities still lacking in higher education credentials. They regarded Obama as an enemy and a turncoat, destroying their hopes and ambitions in a way no president before him ever did. But they implored me never to tell anyone what they’d just told me, fearing ostracism and reprisal.

Some of these individuals, I am convinced, violated Socialist dogma and silently voted for Trump in greater numbers than anyone imagined. Their votes made a difference in closer state contests, of that I have no doubt. But they will conceal what they did to the day they die.

Nicki of The Liberty Zone fulminates accurately and colorfully on this week’s asinine and failed anti-Trump feminazi demonstrations on March 8, International Women’s Day

“Much like the ‘Day Without Immigrants,’ which appears to have gone unnoticed, and which resulted in some people who thought their political activism was more important than their jobs, getting shitcanned, this particular protest is meant ‘to highlight the economic power of women — as well as ongoing problems of discrimination and pay disparity.’ To show how critical they are, women are being encouraged to take the day off from all work today and not to shop (except, of course at women and minority owned and small businesses). That’s all work, including unpaid labor.

“I guess these cunt hat-sporting booger eaters won’t be taking care of the households and their children today either? Kids can fend for themselves, while mommy sits on the couch and impotently pumps her fist in the air, while sporting the trendy feminist scowl, for feminism – is that the way it works?

“Once again, the virtue signaling socialist sow coalition is missing the economic point. Much like during the “Day Without Immigrants” protests, the economic impact will be negligible, other than to show them just how expendable they are.”

Comment: What a great rant this is. It’s hard to top it, and yeah, you should read the rest of it. The author is ex-military, and obviously doesn’t have a preference for violent snowflakes.

America is still in the midst of a massive Marxist-Globalist temper tantrum staged by the Kool-Aid drinking minions of the left. They are enraged that the Brexit and the election of Donald J. Trump as U.S. President have, at least temporarily, halted their mindless but relentless drive toward a one-party system dedicated to the total domination of the Deplorable Masses.

As these groups publicly splinter into the furiously insane and often violent hate-groups and Brown Shirts they always were underneath, we now get to seem them for who and what they really are: purveyors of pure, unalloyed hate and zero tolerance. If there is a just God, He will ensure that the violent, intolerant oppression these infantile, certifiably insane ideologues righteously inflict on us now will assure their ultimate descent into a special circle of hell where no one will ever listen to them again.

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions forces 46 U.S. attorneys across the country to resign! Quel horreur! PowerLine’s John Hinderaker puts things back into perspective.

“This may be the dumbest news story of the day, courtesy of the rabidly anti-Republican Associated Press: ‘Attorney general seeks resignations of 46 US attorneys.’ This was blared early and often as a breaking news story on newspaper sites across the country.

“Of course the administration is asking the prior administration’s U.S. Attorneys to resign. U.S Attorneys are political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the president, just like the Secretary of State or the head of the EPA. Every president installs his own U.S. attorneys, who will carry out policy in line with the priorities of his Attorney General. There are 93 U.S. attorneys; why do you think Attorney General Sessions is only calling for the resignation of 46? Because the other half have already quit.”

Comment: If you’re into legal stuff, or just want the truth about what happened, read the rest of what Hinderaker has to say. Bottom line: Like every President, and indeed, like most incoming corporate CEOs, they want their own, trusted guys to run the important stuff, which in the Federal government means having the right guys running the country’s legal apparatus.

Obama pushed out Bush II’s attorneys general by and large, replacing them with his own special brand of ideologues, courtesy of his top appointee, Eric Holder, the worst and most partisan Attorney General in the history of the United States. Small wonder why Trump and Sessions want to push most of Obama’s and Holder’s U.S. attorneys out. And don’t forget, some of them—hopefully the better and more honest ones—will actually be reappointed.

That’s it for now. See you next time.

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