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INTERVIEW: Margate talks about new Christmas EP on Cyber Tracks Records

Written By | Dec 16, 2016
LOS ANGELES, December 16, 2016 — Southern California punk band Margate has released a new Christmas EP via Cyber Tracks Records. Margate’s last full length, Beards In Paradise, was released on Cyber Tracks in 2014. Most recently, the band released a split 7″ via Felony Records with Strike Twelve. The band took some time this week to talk to Wells On Music regarding the new EP, as well as plans for 2017.
Kevin Wells: What made you want to make a Christmas record?
Alex: Because…Aliens
Doug: We’ve been talking about doing it for so long I forgot what sparked the idea initially. I’d be willing to bet we were drinking.
Jeff: The other guys in the band said we were going to do a Christmas record, so I said, “Okay.”
Steve:  It’s a holiday record, all holidays are represented as you can see from the cover.  Don’t be an anti-Semitic Trump lover.
KW: Perhaps I am naïve, but there don’t appear to be any Christmas favorites. Are these all original songs?
Alex: Yes, we wanted to add to the instant holiday classics list.
Jeff: For the record, I would be into a cover of ‘Feliz Navidad.’  I love that tune.
Steve:  I would have loved to include “Dominick the Donkey.”  If you ‘ve never heard of it you should look it up, it’s brilliant!
KW: Why didn’t you include any of the traditional favorites?
Alex: Who wants to hear those again?
Doug: We messed around with a few standards, but none of them came out great. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Margate” was the closest. In hindsight, I wish we would have done “Fairytale Of New York.” Guess we’ll have to do another Xmas record next year.
KW: Are these freshly written songs or have you guys been kicking the idea around for awhile?
Alex: We’ve been kicking the idea around for a while, but started writing these songs in December 2015. We needed all that time to be sure we had something ready by the Holiday season 2016.
Doug: “Xmas At Potsie’s” was the first one we wrote and it just snowballed (hah!) from there.
KW: Right now it is just set for digital release, are there plans for any sort of physical releases of this EP?
Alex: We made a limited run of CD’s to give away at the Cyber Tracks Xmas party, but don’t have plans to press any more physical. If enough requests are there for vinyl, maybe that’s something we would look into as we did with our last Cyber Tracks release, Beards in Paradise.
Doug: We said we were never going to make CDs again, but we did a short run this time around. Perhaps these will be the last Margate CDs ever pressed.
KW: Are you guys working on a follow up to Beards in Paradise for Cyber Tracks?
Alex: This is the follow up haha. Oh a full length? Nothing in the works yet, I think people don’t want full albums anymore, we may stick to EP’s and singles.
Doug: We put out two releases this year – the 7” Do Each Other split with Strike Twelve and this Xmas EP – and both were a blast to make and came out great. I think we’ll definitely stick with smaller releases for a bit unless we’re inspired to do a concept album or something.
KW: Have you found that living in the punk rock hot spot breeding ground of the Crescenta Valley in Los Angeles has aided in your songwriting?
Alex: Where is Crescenta Valley? Haha We do live spread out through Los Angeles County although it doesn’t have any aid in our songwriting.
Doug: That’s where I live you moron! So I’m going to say yes. The songwriting on this album is top notch!
Jeff: We did a whole record that was LA themed (Beards In Paradise) so I guess you could say there’s influence there.
Steve: Aren’t there a lot of coyotes in Crescenta Valley?  That’s some dangerous business.
KW: You’ve got the Cyber Tracks holiday show in Hollywood this Friday, but what else is on the horizon for Margate?
Alex: More videos, possibly a summer single and maybe another split with Strike Twelve.
Doug: I’m lobbying for a July 4th release called Beach Day.
Jeff: I’m going to continue my role in the band as the person with the least amount of responsibility.
KW: Is there anything else you want people to know?
Alex: The song “Xmas at Potsie’s” on this EP is actually based on a true story. I spent Christmas eve at Anson “Potsie” Williams’s house when I was a little kid. My family friend was the producer of Happy Days and invited me and my family. I was about 7 or 8 years old but It was something I’ll never forget.
Doug: Some details in the retelling of that true story may have been embellished…
Steve: Jefferson D’Arcy was not harmed in the making of this EP.
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Kevin Wells

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