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Internet influencer and motivational speaker, Jay Shetty, exposed for plagiarism

Written By | Aug 30, 2019

SEATTLE — Perhaps you’ve heard of Jay Shetty. The self-described “motivational speaker”, “influencer” and “storyteller” – who seemed to pop-up out of nowhere. An overnight sensation, Jay’s video content went viral, raking billions of views.  This, thanks mostly to Facebook and the “Watch” section it rolled out a while back. Facebook doubled-down on Jay’s motivational videos and used them as a way to lure advertising with his very advertiser-friendly messages on life, love and relationships. Not a great deal is known about Jay’s background other than that he’s from England, college educated and tells people he used to be a monk.

Another Internet influencer and comedian, Nicole Arbour, recently issued a video that showed how so much of Jay’s content was in fact, plagiarism. In the video, Nicole shows side-by-side quotes that have Jay’s name on them and then the original source for the quotes. She also shows examples of him citing things in his videos that were the uncredited work of other people.

The video:

*Note: Nicole’s video does contain language that some may find offensive

Since Nicole’s video has gone viral — now over 3 million views; Jay, or someone on his team, has since started to scrub some of the old content. They have gone back and listed credits in his videos as well as deleted so many user comments on his content after Nicole’s video was released.

Jay Shetty now adding credits: Source Facebook screenshot by Nicole Arbour

We did reach out to Nicole’s team for additional comments, however, they wanted to not comment about Nicole — which is the scope of this article, and would only comment on the macro issue of plagiarism. While it would have been great to get additional commentary from her team, we respect that they don’t want the issue to become about her.

We also reached out to Jay’s team as well, however, as of press time, they did not return our emails.

While Nicole has been an active comedian for years now, her internet stardom hit new heights when she released her now famous, “Dear Fat People” video back in 2015. Her regular content provides her views on many social issues, done in a comedic way and she has garnered over 700 million views.


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