‘Healthy’ Hillary Clinton drops to the pavement in New York

Hillary Clinton suffers “medical episode” after NYC 9/11 commemoration—quickly spun by Clinton entourage, as cover up of Hillary’s health issues continues. (UPDATED from earlier report.)

Screen capture of YouTube video following Hillary Clinton and her entourage as she collapses in an apparent fainting spell while attempting to enter her specially equipped van. (Original source apparently attributed to twitter.com/zgazda66)

NEW YORK, September 11, 2016 –Hillary Clinton’s obvious and continuing health issues came to the fore Sunday as she departed early from a Ground Zero commemoration of New York’s 9/11 terrorist attack.

After Clinton’s unexpected early exit from the ceremonies, she and her security entourage waited on the curb for her special van to arrive. As the door of the van opened and as several members of the security detail attempted to help her over the curb and then into the van, Clinton first wobbled and then sank to the ground in an apparent fainting fit.

You can follow the incident in the video below. Initially, Hillary—who seems to be wearing a dark pantsuit similar in color to the dark suits worn by her security detail—is a little hard to spot, so look for the blonde hair in the middle of the scrum and follow the action. Note that immediately after Clinton sinks to the pavement, the entourage immediately surrounds her, blocking any further freelance video views of the ongoing incident.

In a rare weekend post, financial muckraking site ZeroHedge cited a Fox News report claiming Clinton had apparently suffered a “medical episode” as she attempted to get into the van:

“While we have yet to receive any confirmation from a second source – so take this report with a big grain of salt – moments ago Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal, citing an anonymous law enforcement official as a source, reported that Hillary Clinton who was present at the Sept 11 ceremony in downtown Manhattan, suffered a ‘medical episode’ when she stumbled and nearly fell after her knees buckled, and was then ushered into a van, in the process losing a shoe, as she was rushed away from ground zero in an early departure.

“‘As Fox News reports, the Democratic presidential nominee appeared to faint on her way into her van and had to be helped by her security, the source said. She was “clearly having some type of medical episode.’ Clinton stumbled off the curb, her ‘knees buckled’ and she lost a shoe as she was helped into a van during her ‘unexpected early departure,’ a witness told Fox News. A separate law enforcement source told Fox News that Clinton left the event because she wasn’t feeling well.”

The following video is via Fox News where on site reporter Rick Leventhal breaks the news of Hillary’s latest medical incident, noting that in the process of entering the van, she lost a shoe under the van. The van quickly sped off once she was inside, however.

According to reports, local police picked up the shoe and later returned it to Clinton or her handlers, who later endeavored to excuse the fainting spell by claiming it was due to Hillary’s understandable reaction to the intense heat at the celebration. Other reports, however, say the temperature in Lower Manhattan was around 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ongoing Zero Hedge report added a brief ABC News video around 1 p.m. showing a suddenly happy and carefree Hillary emerging from daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan digs for a photo op. Chelsea’s apartment, not a hospital, was apparently the location where Clinton’s entourage took the ailing candidate after her exit from the World Trade Center site.

If Hillary had, in fact suffered a seizure on her way to the van as opposed to a fainting spell, it’s possible she’d received, en route to her destination, an injection of Diazepam, an anti-seizure medication that, perhaps coincidentally, can be delivered instantly by an EpiPen injection. (Could this be one reason behind candidate Clinton’s recent attack on Mylan, the manufacturer of the EpiPen, given that company’s admittedly outrageous markup on the product?) A prominent member of Clinton’s entourage has been spotted on camera carrying an EpiPen, leading, once again, to medical speculation. Corroborating evidence, as usual, has been difficult to find, but this scenario remains plausible.

Clinton’s handlers have generally kept her out of the public eye since the Democrats’ unruly Philadelphia convention in late July, except for rare, carefully scripted events that avoid much in the way of random give and take with either the public or the press. They’ve also apparently been working behind the scenes to destroy anyone in the media—like Dr. Drew and others—who dares to penetrate the official Hillary Clinton Dome of Silence by citing medical evidence useful for diagnosing what may be the cause of Clinton’s apparently worsening health.

Sunday’s “medical episode” follows barely a week after Hillary’s epic Labor Day coughing fits—both of which were vividly captured on video.

During a Labor Day speech staged before a sparse audience in Cleveland’s east side Luke Easter Park, Clinton was suddenly gripped by a massive, relentless coughing fit that lasted over four solid minutes, ultimately reducing what was left of her voice to a hoarse near-whisper as she attempted to conclude her remarks. She lamely blamed her latest hack-a-thon on her allergy to GOP opponent Donald Trump, raising a half-hearted chuckle from the audience.

Here’s a disturbing clip of the incident:

As if this video wasn’t problematic enough, Hillary had preceded her public coughing fit with a private one as she indulged handpicked members of the MSM with a simulated news conference aboard her campaign plane:

Clinton’s obviously alarming and ongoing health events are causing continuing unease, even among Democrat insiders. Videos like the preceding continue to proliferate, highlighting those massive coughing fits and fainting spells in addition to mental blank-outs during speaking engagements—unscripted speeches in particular—and strong evidence of at least occasional seizures.

A recently posted YouTube video provides detailed information, allegedly from a physician and/or medical professor, who claims to have viewed key Clinton health records, explaining why they are likely true. But—citing the recent Dr. Drew Pinsky firing by the NBC conglomerate as well as the instant dismissal of David Seaman, a Huffington Report staff writer who posted a story questioning the rosy picture being painted of Hillary’s health problems—this poster has chosen to remain anonymous.

When dealing with the Clintons, who have a long history of ripping their opponents to bits, this anonymity is quite understandable. However, it also means we have to take the following detailed report with a grain of salt, no matter how plausible and convincing it is, a continuing problem honest reporters butt up against time after time when digging for meticulously concealed information on any of the Clintons.

Up to this point, doctors who’ve advanced an opinion on Hillary Clinton’s health status tend toward diagnosing it as a variety of Parkinson’s disease. The video posted below, however, flatly states the evidence is almost overwhelming in favor of a diagnosis of vascular dementia as the culprit behind Hillary Clinton’s many visible symptoms. After a tentative introduction this fairly lengthy video describes in gripping and seemingly convincing detail just how and why that diagnosis arose.

Leakage like this—while it still needs to be corroborated—will likely continue to dog Hillary Clinton’s campaign and begin to erode the slim but eroding lead she apparently holds over Donald Trump in last week’s polls.

Perhaps Julian Assange’s latest threatened batch of Clinton Wikileaks will shed further light on this disturbing topic. It’s long been clear that no verifiable facts concerning this issue will ever be forthcoming either from the Clinton campaign, the major media or from Democrat insiders.

Democrats have been guilty not once but at least four times in the past of concealing the serious health issues of sitting presidents:

  • In 1893 at the beginning of his second nonconsecutive term as President, Grover Cleveland had a large tumor secretly removed from the roof of his mouth along with part of his jaw and several teeth. When a reported uncovered evidence of the operation later that summer, the Cleveland entourage engaged in a massive denial and smear campaign, ruining the reporter’s career.
  • Late in 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke and was effectively incapacitated and unable to function as president for the remainder of his term. The entire situation was carefully concealed from the public as his wife and members of his administration quietly took over essential functions when they should have convinced Wilson to resign.
  • It’s generally accepted by many historians that Franklin D. Roosevelt should not have run for a fourth term. His health was clearly in rapid decline. But having already violated the longstanding tradition of leaving office after his second term, both candidate Roosevelt and his close associates convinced themselves that FDR needed to be around to wrap up World War II with the U.S. Allies and declare victory. Roosevelt died in office not even a full three months after his inauguration. Ratified in 1951, the Twenty-Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution now limits elected presidents to a maximum of two terms.
  • After the assassination of John F. Kennedy began to fade away, rumors of the late President’s ongoing health issues began to leak out to the public. His back problems were well known but were generally attributed to his action in the Second World War. However, his ongoing case of Addison’s disease—an increasingly debilitating condition of the adrenal glands—was carefully concealed lest it undermine the legend of Camelot, which included Kennedy’s publicly projected aura of youthful vigor and health.

Should Hillary Clinton indeed be gravely ill, this would be the first time a non-incumbent presidential candidate would choose to run while concealing his or her medical condition from the public eye.

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