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President Trump: Decisively derailing the hard left / MSM narrative

Written By | May 28, 2018

WASHINGTON: The political right continually fails to comprehend why the hard left has long been so successful at manipulating American culture. The reason for this is quite simple. The hard left, aided by its wholly-owned Democrat and MSM subsidiaries, is very good at crafting an alternative narrative to political and social reality.

Prime example: Congressional committees and a special counsel together have failed to provide a shred of proof concerning the alleged Trump/Russia “collusion.” But the left-leaning MSM is working overtime to keep that particular narrative alive.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller. C-SPAN screen grab.

Trump cuts through the hard left / MSM narrative

But President Donald J. Trump has an annoying habit of breaking the relentlessly negative, anti-American left wing / MSM narrative spin.

Kathryn Steinle was killed in 2015 by an illegal alien freely walking the streets of San Francisco thanks to its “Sanctuary City” policies. Then presidential candidate Trump seized upon this senseless murder to launch an honest, nation wide debate on illegal immigration and its corrupt enablers at the state and Federal levels.

That is when his presidential campaign really began to take off.

When Trump later got into a verbal altercation with ABC News reporter Tom Llamas over the term “anchor baby,” he did something unique among Republicans running for office. He broke free from the phony, hard left / MSM narrative.

Llamas told Trump the term “anchor baby” was pejorative. He asserted that Trump had better use the politically-correct, media-approved term “American-born child of undocumented immigrants” instead.

After using his right finger to count each syllable in the air, Trump said, “You want me to use that? I’ll use ‘anchor baby.’”

In so doing, Trump began an honest debate on the price Americans must pay for illegal immigration in welfare expenditures. In addition, he warned of the dire consequences of  the Obama administration’s policy of importing unvetted individuals from Middle Eastern nations with terrorist tendencies.

Trump broke the the ongoing  hard left / MSM narrative that America had a moral obligation to serve as the economic lifeboat for Latin America’s failed states. He also rejected the administration’s policies that effectively aided the jihadist movement’s attempt to establish a new base of operation for the “religion of peace” in this country.

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When a spy is not a spy

Recently, a Deep State actor and his media enablers launched a new fake narrative. They claimed government infiltrators collecting intelligence are not “spies.”

Unless, of course, the person they are spying on is Donald Trump.

Former Director of National Intelligence and current fake-news CNN contributor, James Clapper, told the bobbleheads of ABC’s “The View” that the word spy is “a term I don’t particularly like.”

The View’s co-host Joy Behar shared Clapper’s aversion to intelectual honesty, calling the FBI’s mole a “whistleblower” instead.

Clapper insisted these Deep State infiltrators were just “trying to understand” if the Russians were “trying to gain leverage or influence” within the Trump campaign.

Trump refused to play along.

“’The corrupt Mainstream Media hates this monster [Spygate] story!’ Trump tweeted, ‘Can anyone even imagine having Spies placed in a competing campaign, by the people and party in absolute power, for the sole purpose of political advantage and gain? And to think that the party in question, even with the expenditure of far more money, LOST!’”

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

The website Vox claims Trump’s reasonable assertion is a “false allegation.” They also claim FBI spy Stefan Halper “was most likely part of a legitimate counterintelligence operation targeted at Russia’s election interference campaign.”

If that’s true, did FBI spies infiltrate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as well? Russia certainly attempted to influence her actions while she was Secretary of State. In fact, they gave husband Bill a $500,000 speaking fee. Bill delivered that costly speech before the governors of a Russian bank with ties to Vladimir Putin.

The Clinton’s Kremlin ties. Fox News screen grab.

Does anyone remember Uranium One?

As for those interested in furthering Russian interests, why not investigate the notorious Uranium One deal? That destructive gambit granted 20 percent of U.S. uranium deposits to Putin’s Russia. At the same time, it added $2.35 million to the Clinton crime-family foundation.

Unsurprisingly, it is certain the FBI did not have spies in the Clinton campaign. It was far too busy whitewashing its investigation – they called it a “matter” (there’s that narrative spin again) – into Mrs. Clinton’s illegal handling of State Department emails.

Getting back to Spygate, the Washington Post’s Amber Phillips tells her readers that “a spy is someone who infiltrates an organization to share information with another entity. [FBI infiltrator Stefan] Halper was trying to figure out if there were already any foreign agents infiltrating the Trump campaign.”

The notion that a spy is not a spy if that spy is spying on spies involved in spying on an opposing party’s presidential campaign stretches credulity to its snapping point. But as Phillips herself admits, this is James Clapper’s convoluted Deep State narrative.

James Clapper on ABC’s ‘The View.” Screen grab.

So who do you believe?

In February, an IBD / TIPP poll found 55 percent of Americans believe the Obama administration spied on Trump’s campaign. And 72 percent of respondents said they follow the story “closely.”

The Post’s Amber Phillips is representative of the hard left / MSM axis when she fearfully claims,

“Trump is now pushing a narrative that the FBI was spying.” (Emphasis added).

To quote the Twitter king himself, in a contest of narratives, Trump’s is clearly, “winning.” As a result, the hard left / MSM narrative, with its constant barrage of fake news is a ship that’s going down with all hands.

The truth is known to have that effect.


Top Images: James Clapper appears on ABC’s “The View,” screen grab.
Inset of President Donald Trump. Photo: White House.


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