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Green Bay Packers Wisconsin’s team celebrates their 100th anniversary.

Written By | Aug 4, 2019

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

GREENBAY. If you are in the area or are a football fan, a tour of Lambeau Field and the Packers Hall of Fame should be on your list. They have so much history packed into the hall of fame, plus the stadium tour, you will leave awestruck even if you are not a football enthusiast! Regardless of your age, it is captivating. This is one of the all-ages – family bonding trips that all generations can enjoy.

Some of the best things about the Packers Hall of Fame and Lambeau Field stadium tour appear below.

1. Audio history

During a tour of the multilevel hall of fame, you can hear  Packers football legends describe historic games via touchscreen audio segments and voice-over game video clips.

Green Bay Packer, Football

2. Re-create history

Sit at a replica desk of Vince Lombardi, the Hall of Fame’s most popular exhibit. The phone may even ring with important news while you are there.

Improving the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Three modest proposals
 3. Size yourself up –

Upon entering the Hall of Fame, one of the first exhibits you will come to is interactive. How does your hand span compare to Brett Farve’s 10+ inches? Or your wingspan. How does it compare to Clay Matthews at 6’5” plus. 

Compare you feet and hands to those of the players in an interactive experience.

Green Bay Packers, Football

View the players’ uniforms as they changed over the decades at the Packers Hall of Fame.

4. DYK? Players can choose different types of pants: Zipper pants, Elastic waist, lace front.

Get your pic with one of the players (replica of player sitting in the cold during the infamous Ice Game). The life like images show both the players and fans breathing out cold air.

5. Gaze up close to the uniforms of the past 100 years

One thing always changing in sports is the uniforms. The uniforms express the team’s joy at winning and help overcome losses. They are a living history book of the team. The Packers do an excellent job of displaying them on the wall.

Trivia: After the packers win in 1961 Vince Lombardi gave each one of the players’ wives a mink.’
Bonus Activity:  Strike a post in the gift shop and become an honorary cheesehead.

The centerpiece of this gift shop is a giant truck filled with cheeseheads. This is your Instagram moment when you put that triangle on top of your head and strike a pose. Kids will most certainly love it.

Lambeau Field (Packers stadium) is absolutely worth sticking around for.

Tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about the team, their history and everything happening at Lambeau Field. You’ll start by getting a sneak peek at one of the suites. If you are rolling big, buy a suite for a game. Suites for single games start at $10k. Yearly leases ranges from $55k to $185k per year.

Green Bay Packers, Football

Lambeau Field at rest.

One of the best things, especially if you are with your kids, is walking out on to the field from the bowels of the stadium. The real Kentucky blue grass is quite exquisite.It is magical as the music plays, the gates lift up and you take the field. Interesting to note that they don’t build stadium seating as close to the field as they are in the Packers stadium.

Fun fact: Did you know that the field itself is actually underground?

During the tour there is plenty of time to take as many photos in the stadium and near the field as you’d like to make this trip a memorable experience for everyone. Combination stadium tour and hall of fame ticket pricing begins at $27 for adults, children ages 6-11 are $16 and kids under 5 are free . Expect to be walking or standing for about one hour during this tour.



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