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Who will die in this, the penultimate episode of Season 5 - a Season that has left fans gasping for air

3D Dragon Art by hipandclavicle - available at (promotional image; no copyright infringement intended)
3D Dragon Art by hipandclavicle - available at (promotional image; no copyright infringement intended)

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2015 –The first question to be asked is who is left to hate? Our hate of characters that do horrible things is what propels us forward to watch yet another episode of a show that continually explores the ultimate question of good vs. evil.

Well, fear not – there are plenty of bad characters, and bad characters acting good, scattered about the Seven Kingdoms in “Game of Thrones.”

Cersei, Margaery and Loris Tyrell wither in the High Sparrow’s jail; their form of passive aggressive torture involves withholding water until the person, driven by thirst, confesses to the sins of which they are accused.

A slow and brutal way to kill a person as they are driven totally bonkers from sepsis as a result of not allowing them water. Can you imagine a truly mad Cersei? This treatment may account for the “conversion” rate of the High Sparrow’s prisoners.

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We have plenty of villains and could they be villains to contend with including Ramsay and Roose Bolton? I am hoping to see Sansa deal Ramsay’s death blow while Brienne of Tarth (so easy to forget she is there) takes down Roose and everyone else that has been brutalizing Winterfell.

Another possible demise of Ramsay is his request for twenty good men to ride out against Stannis Baratheon, who rides with the witch Melisandre.

One of the creepiest creeps on Game of Thrones is Walder Frey. We have seen little of the Lord of the Riverlands but he is there, continues to be a chess piece on the board and he needs to be watched, and killed.

We don’t know if Theon Greyjoy will redeem himself to become a good guy, or be part of the bleeding spoils of Ramsay Bolton’s death by Sansa. Last week had Theon telling Sansa he did not kill her brothers. Whether there will be an alliance or Theon will stand with Ramsay cannot be known.

And then we have this guy. I am in the camp that the only one that can take down the Night’s King will be Daenerys and her Dragons. But we won’t see that tonight.

Game of Thrones media critics are all calling tonight’s episode the “penultimate episode” of the season, which while sounding ominous really only means the second to the last show with next week being the final episode of Season 5.

It also means a character, or characters, will die tonight.

I don’t think we will see Sansa’s revenge yet, but it would be throwing us a bone of satisfaction to remove Ramsay. Really, what more can be developed in his character? He has none. He is mean, spoiled petulant brat.  My favorite way to see him die is by Theon Greyjoy who eviscerates him, showing him his entrails while Stansa looks on.

We have not seen Margaery Tyrell in the stew, so we don’t know her fate though she could very well plead that while she lied, it was in the hopes of saving her brother, not to deny the gods and beg their forgiveness. Remember, Margaery’s grandmother Oleana Tyrell has already challenged the High Sparrow.

Which might allow Margaery out of the jail, resuming her rightful place next to King Tommen as long as she makes proper retribution. Margaery will live.

That would make Cersei more mad than she already is and allow Daenerys to sweep in and easily take control. But that will be Season 6.

If the pieces land as I predict, this would put Daenerys Targaryen  in control of Westeros (with the triumphant return of Tyrion), Sansa in Winterfell, Walder in the Riverlands, Jon Snow protecting the law with his newly enlarged army of Wildings and this guy:


The Knight's King - Game of Thrones
The Knight’s King – Game of Thrones

The cold pulses out of The Night’s King, and he is no doubt a major threat. Tonight’s episode “Dance of the Dragons” lets us know that the Mother of Dragons and her children are coming.

But will it be tonight? I don’t think so.  But I do believe those Dragons will be able to melt the creepy cold guy and his legions of undead.

Let us not forget that Danerys is the only daughter and youngest child of King Aerys II Targaryen, the “Mad King.”

The Mad King died during the Sack of King’s Landing at the hand of the Robert Baratheon who then took the throne. Daenyrs’ pregnant mother and young brother Viserys, fled to the island of Dragonstone the ancestral home of House Targaryen where she was born during an epic storm leading on one of the many names she is called “Daenerys Stormborn.”

Danerys has a right to the Throne, as King Aerys II Targaryen was the last true king as the only Targaryen left as Aemon Targaryen, maester of Castle Black and the only other remaining Targaryen (that we “know” about) succumbs to his poor health and dies at the wall.

Before leaving Meereen, we need to ascertain Jorah Mormont’s fate. His story arc is coming to a close, but will he die in a blaze of bravery for his beloved Khaleesi, or suffer the tormented death of one infected with the deadly greyscale? I think we will see Jorah die tonight.

With Aemon’s death, Samwell Tarly steps into the role of maester and his true story begins to unfold. There is more to Sam than meets the eye – of that I can assure you. I think we might see his beloved Gilly die tonight, as it would be that final straw propelling Sam into a fierce and not to be messed with fighter.

Some spoilers sites predict Jon Snow will die tonight based on some comments he made in interviews.  I don’t think that will happen, as there is no easier way to rile up the social media frenzy than dropping hints a favorite character will die.

Arya Stark has been trained for her first assassination – the Braavosi insurance agent Meryn Trant. Remember Meryn Trant was sent to the Iron Bank with Mace Tyrell by Cersei. Teases say Arya finds her way back as she crosses paths with someone from her past. It could be Meryn, but who else?

Will she poison the cheat? Or find though she has killed in battle, she may not be able to join the faceless assassins, sending her off to Winterfell. This action will provide fans with a clue as to how her character will evolve toward the final showdown.

We have seen little of Bran or Rickon Stark, who Sansa has learned are still alive, or at least Theon Greyjoy did not kill them. In Winterfell, Lady Melisandre is plotting on behalf of Stannis to overtake the Stark ancestral home.

She might have trouble there, particularly if Bran and Ayra all make it to Winterfell where Brienne of Tarth will surely lead them to victory against the Bolton army.

Prince Doran Martell is holding Jaime Lannister and Bronn after a failed kidnapping attempt of Myrcella Baratheon (aka Jamie and Cersei’s daughter).

Doran’s words may have even more significance as we learn what’s next for House Martell and one can assume more deadly behavior from the Sand Snakes – there was way too much set up to these characters for them to now just fade away.

And one odd bit of “what’s up”: where is Varys? Does he realize Tyrion is gone? He must. So where is he now? He has a tendency to turn up just when you need him most, or don’t want him. He always propels the story in some wonderful, if not understated, way.

Tonight’s “The Dance of Dragons” is Seasons 5 “penultimate episode” –meaning that in true Game of Thrones fashion it is the ONE you can’t miss.

We hope to see you tonight at 9 p.m. for Communities Digital News “Game of Thrones” Fan Chat.

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  • The burning of
    Shireen was uncalled for and uncharacteristic of Stannis’ character.
    Sansa’s rape scene I could see as realistic given the altered plot-line
    and maybe even a turning point in Sansa’s journey from naivete’ to a
    more hardened and worldly character, but Shireen’s death served no
    purpose other than to destroy Stannis’ character. We did not like it.