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Gal Gadot threatens to exit ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel

Written By | Nov 13, 2017
Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot stars as “Wonder Woman.” (PR Still, Warner Bros.)

LOS ANGELES, November 12, 2017 – The future of the Wonder Woman series is unclear right now. “Wonder Woman” breakthrough star Gal Gadot has said she won’t return for a sequel to that hit film unless producer-director Brett Ratner is removed from any involvement in that film. Ratner is currently facing several harassment allegations from a dozen women including Hollywood stars Natasha Henstridge and Olivia Munn.

Gadot has taken up a crusade against Ratner, who denies the allegations. Nonetheless, nervous Hollywood film studios are taking note of such allegations and cutting ties with a growing list of male Hollywood bigwigs and stars who find themselves under increasing attack for sexual predation. Or worse.

Warner Bros. has reportedly cut contractual ties with Ratner and RatPac-Dune Entertainment, likely predicated on Gadot’s threat to exit from the cast of the next Wonder Woman film unless the studio ended their co-financing deal with RatPac-Dune, the Ratner company that co-produced the original “Wonder Woman” hit film. Ratner himself has said he’s stepping away from all Warner Bros. related projects to distance his name.

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Gadot has been a vocal advocate for the women who have stood up against harassment they claim to have suffered at the hands of the Hollywood elite. Many of these producers, directors and actors have made a regular habit of smearing political figures they oppose on the same basis, frequently without a shred of evidence to back up their allegations. Now, it seems the chickens are coming home to roost. With a vengeance.

Gadot took to social media to denounce Hollywood’s hypocrisy, proclaiming “Bullying and sexual harassment is unacceptable! I stand by all the courageous women confronting their fears and speaking out. Together we stand. We are all united in this time of change.”

To drive home the point, Gadot decided to pull out of a dinner last month, during which she was expected to present an award to Ratner for his achievements in film. According to the New York Post, she was making another statement through her action, showing that “she wouldn’t allow the female-led “Wonder Woman” franchise to benefit from a man who used his power and influence to sexually harass and abuse women.”

Beneath the surface, the Gadot-Warner-Ratner tangle could prove even more expensive for Warners than it already is. Given the runaway hit status of the original “Wonder Woman” film, the studio will already have to to cough up considerably more money than they were expecting to in order to secure the once virtually unknown Gadot under any circumstances.

Buying Ratner out completely prior to the expiration of his contract would, ironically, end up giving more money to the alleged harasser. The outcome of these ongoing negotiations would also factor in how much the sequel might cost before the monetary, PR and moral scandals begin to recede.


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