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Feckless D-Listers smear Trump with ‘fake but accurate’ immigration yarns

Written By | Jun 25, 2018

WASHINGTON. It was simultaneously irritating and refreshing to watch the  entertainment industry’s feckless D-Listers pound away at President Trump’s “cruel” immigration policies last week. Problem is, the policies the D-Listers denounced weren’t actually Trump’s policies to begin with. The current administration was simply enforcing already existing policies regarding the arrest and detainment of illegal alien adults. As in any arrest, this naturally entailed temporarily separating them from their kids before the adults were put in the slammer. That’s actually standard legal policy in any case where a single incarcerated parent of a minor is involved. The same policies were employed by the Obama administration against illegal aliens. Without a peep, by the way, from the lamestream media.

No matter. Nothing like a bit of blatant fake news, trumpeted nationwide on cue, to smear the President once again. The smear artists offered photos of illegal kids incarcerated in cages as proof. Except that these photos were taken during Obama’s administration, as it later came out.

But that embarrassment didn’t daunt the already disgraced lamestream media. Cue the once respected but now feckless Time magazine. They joined the fake news anti-Trump jampile and propagandized the issue once again. This time around, they smeared Trump last week with an obviously Photoshopped piece of anti-Trump cover art propaganda.

Dominated for years now by journalistic D-Listers, the once prominent news magazine depicted a fake Presidential encounter with a sobbling illegal alien girl. The implication: Trump personally “separated” her from her mommy. What a heartless bastard!

But this was an encounter that never actually happened, a separation that never occurred.

Time Magazine’s feckless D-Listers visually promote news that never happened

Observe the offending Time cover to the right.

feckless D-Listers

Screen grab of controversial anti-Trump, pro-open borders Time magazine cover art.

In an exemplary lede, The Daily Caller’s Julia Nista calls out Time on its blatant attempt to promote fake news.

“She has become the poster child for family separation at the border — and the subsequent moral outrage against the Trump administration — but the crying Honduran child held up as a heartbreaking example of family separation at the border was, in fact, never separated from the parent with whom she illegally crossed the border into the U.S.”

It gets worse. Powerline’s John Hinderaker provides further detail.

“Time has acknowledged that the photo is misleading and that the girl was not in fact separated from anyone, but nevertheless stands by its cover, which it considers to be fake but accurate… [T]he ultimate effect of the ‘separated children’ flap is to focus attention on the immigration issue in general, and the flood of illegals crossing our Southern border in particular. The problem for the Democrats is that they lose this issue. Voters realize that bottom line is, the Democrats favor lots of illegal immigration, while the Republicans oppose it. The GOP wins this one every time. In a mere year and a half, the Democrats seem to have forgotten that Donald Trump is president largely because of his stance on illegal immigration.”’s Neil Munro essentially seconds Hinderaker’s motion with this story.

Experts: Migrant Mother from ‘Crying Girl’ Audio Had No Case for Asylum

The fate of lousy, unsourced propaganda

Writing in The Federalist, Rachel Stoltzfoos adds a damning postscript to Time’s miserably failed propaganda hit piece.

“The combination of erroneous reporting, missing context and lack of due diligence in the reporting process from TIME here are stunning. What was supposed to be a story highlighting the plight of families who are torn apart as they flee violence turned out instead to highlight exactly the kind of case that conservatives say makes the situation at the border complex. Some families are falsely claiming asylum to game the system, knowingly putting their children in danger, and drug traffickers and smugglers are taking advantage of the situation. It’s not as simple as the media class has made it out to be.”

The Federalist adds considerable detail to the real story that Time either didn’t uncover or, more likely, deliberately failed to report.

“The father also revealed the mother left three other children behind, and was crossing the border in search of a job — not in search of asylum. She didn’t tell any of them when she left. He told The Daily Mail the photo ‘broke his heart,’ and he didn’t support her decision.

“‘Why would she want to put our little girl through that?’ he said. ‘But it was her decision at the end of the day.'”

“TIME defended its cover and its reporting Friday, essentially claiming the facts are irrelevant because of the propaganda value of the piece. The photo and story ‘capture the stakes of this moment,’ the editor in chief told reporter Hadas Gold.”

Yep. Fake but accurate. What an absolute crock of an excuse. Dan Rather, call your office.

The Deplorable backlash begins

Time’s feckless gambit is already backfiring. Big time, again according to the Federalist.

“Media coverage of the Trump administration’s policy of arresting people who illegally cross the border has been almost uniformly negative. Some has been downright hysterical. A new Economist/YouGov poll shows, however, that the vast majority of Americans polled support either President Trump’s executive order, the initial enforcement of the law that resulted in family separation, or something even stricter.”

More evidence of Time’s and the MSM’s miscalculations popped up on the internet almost immediately. A viral flood of parody Time covers, like like our headline composite graphic. The public is onto this nonsense like never before.

Two Feckless Girls step in the illegal meme, soil themselves again

In a closely related matter, humorless, tiresome and very fake comedienne Kathy Griffin went after First Lady Melania Trump for allegedly allowing her husband to perpetrate this essentially fake outrage on innocent little kids of hapless illegal aliens.

Tweeting away, this notorious and talentless vulgarian purposely misspelled the First Lady’s name in a bit of hamfisted snark: her specialty. (Which is why she’s back on the Hollywood D-List after her brief CNN hiatus.)

But Chatty Kathy also demonstrated a surprising ability to increase her limited vocabulary in other ways by pilfering a nifty word from fellow vulgarian Samantha Bee’s well-worn thesaurus.

Yes, that word was “feckless,” not the other word. Actually, both the feckless Samantha and the feckless Kathy probably had to look this moderately obsolete word up before deploying it.

But to be fair, it’s long been apparent that most permanent D-Listers have a thorough working knowledge of both the f-word and the c-word. It’s a hallmark of their educational achievement. And Kathy and Samantha prove that point early and often.

More D-List action

Unhinged, Griffin just couldn’t seem to stop her vulgar twittering machine last week. Here’s her latest intellectual manifesto, with a timely assist from the left’s current heroine, Stormy Daniels.

Note the nervous spasm in each middle finger in the above photo.

What can we say? Stormy and Kathy Griffin. So mature. So intellectually superior.

Both permanently feckless D-Listers are clearly determined to define dumbness down. “Gaudy, cheap cuts from the beast life, immensely capable of that great disquiet called entertainment.” That’s what quirky and now largely-unknown avant-garde American novelist Djuna Barnes might have called them.

Washed-up Easy Rider needs to go easy on the gutter talk, but can’t

But these guttersnipe tweets weren’t the end of this week’s continuing attack of the D-Listers on President Trump, as Fox News reports.

“Peter Fonda is facing heat after deleting tweets in which he called for President Trump’s son to be ripped from his mother’s arms and thrown into ‘a cage with pedophiles.’ Although the star apologized for the over-the-line remarks, they are far from his first foray into harsh political rhetoric.”

Right. Easy Rider himself just jumped the shark, riding on his old chopper to do it.

Here’s a screen grab of Fonda’s now-deleted tweet.

But wait! There’s more!

“In another tweet, the younger brother of Jane Fonda suggested people opposed to the border policy should track down the addresses of federal agents and ‘surround their homes in protest.’ He added, ‘We should find out what schools their children go to and surround the schools in protest.'”

“The Oscar-nominated actor has since deleted the controversial message about Barron Trump that included a rant against the first lady, Melania Trump.”

“‘See if mother [Melania Trump] will will [sic] stand up against the giant a–hole she is married to,’ Fonda tweeted. ’90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country. F—.'”

Another vile tweet from a vile D-Lister named Peter Fonda

Fonda had warmed up earlier with an even more vile tweet that encouraged violence against DHS Director Kristjen Nielsen. Keep this one away from the kiddies.

A hat tip to Tammy Bruce for salvaging the evidence before Fonda flushed this one down the memory hole as well. Fonda’s disgusting use of the g-word, and his encouragement of violence against administration figures like Nielsen marks a new low even for this washed up D-Lister. Has anyone created a Z-List yet?

Let’s recognize this: Feckless D-Listers are Stalinists at heart

The “national conversation” on immigration and related topics continues to boil. In the process, reflexive leftists inhabiting the so-called entertainment world have been exposed. They are nothing more than crude, vulgar fascists and Stalinists. For some reason, they despise the country that made them fabulously rich. Unsurprisingly, their lives are a virtual torrent of non-sequiturs.

Fonda’s urging of violence against the Trump family and Kirstjen Nielsen is of a piece with the left’s murderous agenda. Their tactics already include doxxing, disruption of privacy and home life. Now they add threats of imminent violence against anyone who will not adhere to the Stalinist party line. Whatever happened to leaving polticians’ children alone? Oh, yeah, that was for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s kids. For Republican presidents and high level appointees, not so much.

The brutal hounding of DHS Secretary Nielsen took the patented vileness of the Hollywood left to a new low. Powerline’s John Hinderaker references the left’s encouragement of physical violence in the article we cited above.

“Worse than the Left’s lies and distortions are its fascist tactics. A gang of socialists confronted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a Washington restaurant and hounded her out the door. Even worse, another gang of Brownshirts descended on Nielsen’s house in a ‘protest.’ They shouted slogans and played loud recordings of children crying. I’ll bet the neighbors loved that. People hate these despicable tactics, and they will rebound against the Democratic Party.”

These clearly pre-arranged and paid-for mob attacks are meant to silence and intimidate Trump and Trump administration figures brave enough to enforce the policies that brought this President to the White House in the first place. They’re also meant to distract public attention from the continuing economic successes of the Trump administration.

Is the Blue Wave becoming a Red Tsunami?

Note: This constant barrage of phony attacks and fake news is always coordinated across the media spectrum, often by the surviving but now double-secret members of Ezra Klein’s old “Journolist.” Necessary funding is generally provided with laundered Soros money. It all amounts to massive distraction, as the increasingly desperate Democrat party tries to salvage its chances for a “Blue Wave” in this fall’s off-year elections.

As we’ve already noted, the violence, the threats, the silencing of opponents – all this and more are likely to inspire an equal and opposite “Red Wave” to show up at the polls this November. The Democrats and their wealthy hard-left enablers, lacking any positive policy directions other than socialism, have absolutely nothing concrete or positive to offer.

And the people are noticing. So keep it up Kathy, and Stormy, and Samantha, and Peter, and oh, you too, Bobby DeNiro, the latest Hollywood has-been to enlist in the D-List. Like Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds often says, what all of you — and Time — are doing is exactly how you get more Trump.

—Headline illustration: A fair-use mashup of parody Time covers assembled by the author.


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