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‘Fate of the Furious’ roars into theaters on a high note

Written By | Apr 15, 2017

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2017 — The cars are racing and the good guys are kicking butt.

The latest chapter in the “Fast and Furious” franchise brings us a whole new level of action and a new villain, Cipher (Charlize Theron) who is attempting to start World War III.

A recurring theme in the Fast and the Furious films is the notion of family loyalty, with Diesel’s ex-convict street racer at the center of the series’ close-knit cast of colorful characters. This film takes the audience on a globe-hopping car chase, raising the bar for action, explosions and many other elements that have made the series so popular.

“Fate of the Furious” features new and memorable set pieces that feel more fresh, thrilling, and cheer-worthy than the contents of any eighth installment of a franchise are expected to be. After so many films together, the cast of the Fast and Furious saga continue to share the chemistry that grabbed audiences during the first film.

Theron excels at becoming one of the most compelling villains the franchise has yet featured. Her character is cold, calculating and the perfect antagonist to face off against Diesel’s character. The film introduces us to “Little Nobody,” played by Scott Eastwood, but does not provide the audience a memorable performance.

The Fate of the Furious is the eighth film in the series, and the second of the series to not featurePaul Walker who was killed on November 20, 2013 in a car crash.

This latest story transforms the series from a street-racing based crime story to a globe-hopping caper. It gives the audience reason to believe that the series has many more exciting miles to go before it reaches the end of the road.

Larry Lease

Lawrence Lease is a conservative commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy. Lease previously served as a volunteer with the human-rights organization International Justice Mission in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Follow Lease on Twitter, Facebook, and soon Blog Talk Radio.