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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jason Devore from Authority Zero

Written By | Jun 3, 2017

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2017 — Authority Zero is punk, rock, reggae, alternative, acoustic…errr…let’s just say they are an eclectic band with something for everyone. The band released their seventh studio album on June 2 via Bird Attack Records. Recently, Jason Devore took some time to answer some questions with Wells On Music.

Kevin Wells: It’s been four years since the release of your last album. Have some of the songs on this new record been sitting around since then (or even before), or were all of these songs fresh written?

Jason Devore: The tracks on the new album are extremely fresh and very exciting. The only one that has seemed to be around for some time is “When We Rule The World” which will be the first “single”.

Kevin: How did the writing process go for this album?

Jason: Awesome! We did a huge amount of it on my back patio just strumming along to ideas and different melodies as well as riffs. Mike and I had been working on a lot of material over the course of a couple years so we had a pretty solid initial base. Was quite the process all around with a lot of back and forth brainstorming and essentially was for the better good of each song.

Kevin: The album starts with three rippers and then shifts gears with some more, I would say, radio friendly tracks than on your previous records. Was this a conscious shift in sound? Or do you even feel it is a shift in sound?

Jason: We honestly just went into this whole writing process with a very open mind and made a conscious effort to let music be just what is….music. Not putting ourselves inside a box of constricting elements, but rather embracing everything that came to mind and letting it take shape.

Kevin: Are there songs that didn’t make the record that may be released a 7″ later?

Jason: Absolutely. Keep your ear to the ground!

Kevin: Do you go into albums thinking that you need a certain number of fast songs, slow songs, reggae/ska songs? Or is it a random mix of your collective favorites as a band?

Jason: Not at all actually. It’s funny how it does seem to come out that way most times. Like I say we just start freely writing and our individual inspirations start flowing out. We have and always will try and keep it interesting/exciting/and ever changing for not only the fans but for ourselves

Kevin: Since your last album, you’ve added Chris Dalley on drums as a full time member. What does he bring to the band both on stage and off?

Jason: Excitement, Passion, Laughter, and full on fury behind the drum kit. He’s simply a good soul. We love our Dalley Man and appreciate all he does!

Kevin: Broadcasting to the Nations is being released on Bird Attack Records. How did that deal come about?

Jason: We’d initially met up with Garrett, one of the owners of Bird Attack Records at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia a couple years back. From that point we started talking about putting together a new record and the relationship progressed with the idea of a release coming to life.  We loved everything he had to say and everything seemed to connect. We couldn’t be happier with the whole Bird Attack Team.

Kevin: After your first two albums on Lava, you’ve had a different label for each of your albums. Is this intentional on your part and does it work to your advantage or is it not intentional and perhaps a bit nerve wracking looking for a new label for each album?

Jason: Its all been a wild journey and we’ve had a lot of friends and management step up along the way. Many of the labels the records have come out on stem from an independent motive to help put out the record and give it the backing we all hoped each could get. You never fully know how each will get released but that’s half the journey!

Kevin: You’ve toured both opening for bigger bands and as the headliner. What kind of touring plans do you guys have planned for this record?

Jason: We’re really planning on a combination of both this coming year! We have headline tours planned as well as plans to tour with many friends abroad in the fall and winter months.

Kevin: You also tour and record as a solo acoustic artist. Are you planning any solo releases or solo tours?

Jason: Absolutely! I actually have my third solo record “Conviction Volume 3: The Road To Clarity” coming out this fall and plan to do some touring in between the Authority Zero touring.

Kevin Wells writes about punk rock music and plays guitar in the Los Angeles punk band, Emmer Effer.


Kevin Wells

Kevin J. Wells was born and raised in the Los Angeles area in a town called Montrose. He is the Sports Editor and a baseball and punk music columnist at Communities Digital News. He also writes for New Noise Magazine and currently plays guitar for and is a founding member of the Los Angeles punk rock band, Emmer Effer.