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Epic Fail: GOP laughs its Ossoff at Democrats, media hacks

Written By | Jun 25, 2017

Cartoon by Branco. (Reproduced with permission. See below)*

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2017 – Despite more important ongoing news this week, those pro-Democrat minions otherwise known as the steadily declining “mainstream media” flogged the party line early last week, eagerly anticipating a “blowout win” by Jon Ossoff, the donkey party’s extraordinarily weak candidate for Georgia’s open set in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Stunned last Tuesday evening by “long shot” Republican candidate Karen Handel’s GA-06 district win by several percentage points – a win that would have been called a “landslide” had Ossoff grabbed the brass ring – the so-called mainstream media complained, pouted and generally followed the Democrat party line blaming everyone and everything beside themselves for yet another party defeat.

Essentially, the gathering “Resistance” movement to President Donald Trump is still in goose egg territory when it comes to winning open Republican seats. So much for that ongoing narrative. But even though Handel won “Handel-y” as one wit put it, it was fun for the remainder of last week to watch the MSM/Democrat Excuse Machine crank back into action:

Here’s Stacy McCain on the topic, referencing CNN’s Rogues’ Gallery of pouting faces Tuesday night, a screen shot posted ‘round the world in rather short order:

Gloom and Doom. Iconic, viral screen shot of bitterly disappointed CNN know-it-alls after Karen Handel’s GA-06 victory.

The now iconic image of the CNN crew at 9:43 pm ET Tuesday is a perfect distillation of a problem we can call the Establishment Media Bubble.

“Those pictured were CNN’s political director David Chalian, CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria B[o]rger, CNN’s executive director of Political Programming/Sr. Political Analyst Mark Preston, and Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash.

“The pretense of journalistic objectivity, which is the Establishment Media’s stock in trade, has become so transparently implausible that no intelligent viewer could be deceived by it. Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, the media’s pretense of political expertise was even more brutally exposed as a fraud — a hoax as bogus as ‘Haven Monahan.’

“If Mark Preston is such an insightful political analyst, why couldn’t CNN accurately predict the outcome of this election? For the same reason that CNN was so disastrously wrong in 2016: They are no longer a news organization, but instead are a Democrat propaganda operation. Mark Preston is a partisan Democrat who, as a University of Massachusetts student, worked in Ted Kennedy’s office. Ask yourself this question: In his role as a CNN executive, would Mark Preston ever hire a reporter who had worked for Rand Paul or Ted Cruz? Answer: Fuck no.

“CNN, like every other Establishment Media organization, actively discriminates against Republicans in its hiring decisions. Mark Preston’s network is a sort of political cult that only employs True Believers. The organization’s journalistic standards are subordinated to its political mission, which is to persuade viewers to vote Democrat. Period.”

Comment: So what does McCain really think about CNN?

Real Clear Politics, a “non-partisan” site that tilts at least slightly left, offered this via the slightly less “non-partisan” MSNBC’s top hack:

“MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow offers a reason why Democrat Jon Ossoff might have lost last night’s special election in GA-06: ‘Steve, let me ask you one last question on this. If there was a turnout effect from the bad weather today in the district, does that have any partisan implications that you could foresee in terms of what was expected for same day, election day voting rather than the early vote?’”

Screen capture – Rachel Maddow – Bernie Sanders

Comment: Maddow is, hands-down, the most polished liar and spinner in the business, but this one is lame, even for her. The current House replacement elections are coming on the heels of last fall’s exhausting Presidential contest, something the Democrats are compelled to keep in the headlines because they can’t face it. The public is tired of elections, and thought they’d settled things last fall. The media thinks otherwise. But this (and the accompanying Republican victory that preserved yet another “hotly contested” Republican House vacancy in next-door South Carolina) was bound to be a low-turnout election, rain or no rain, and Republicans got out the vote. Period. The “weather” is a really lame excuse.

Again via Real Clear Politics, another partisan hack, the vastly overpraised Larry Sabato of University of Virginia, mealy-mouths his way through another Democrat miss that, like the results of Election 2016, he failed to nail:

“For Democrats obviously, it’s pretty depressing. That’s the word I’ve seen on Twitter more than any other from Democrats about the result. I think if Democrats learn a lesson from this election, it’s that the euphoria that they felt for the last several months as Donald Trump has fallen in the polls and they began to believe that this would be not easy but doable to take over the House of Representatives and eventually replace Donald Trump, that euphoria is gone and it’s replaced with reality. And the reality is, it’s going to be a long twilight struggle. Day in and day out if they’re going to be able to retake the House and eventually defeat Donald Trump. It won’t be easy. It may not be possible but it certainly won’t be easy.”

Comment: Talk about holding on to a thin veneer of hope, Sabato’s twisting-in-the-wind conclusion indicates he doesn’t even believe his own observations on the topic. Even funnier, he regards the Democrats’ need to deal with “reality” is going to be a “long twilight struggle.” A “twilight” for whom? Driven entirely by left wing ideology at this point with but the faintest grasp of reality, the Democrats and the party’s implacably dogmatic left-wing leadership have transformed “liberalism” into a secular religion and brook no deviation from Church Dogma. They won’t learn from this, Larry, because they cannot violate the tenets of their religion. Sure, they can win in the future, maybe, by generating more and better lies. But they can’t change their religion because that would make them secular infidels. reliably gloated away after Handel’s victory, offering this delicious tidbit – for Trump supporters, anyway:

“White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders singed Democrats during an appearance on Fox News, saying Republicans would get ‘tired of winning’ elections, like Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia.

“‘Frankly, I think Republicans are going to get tired of winning at some point if Democrats don’t get an agenda,’ she said.

“Sanders made her comments on Fox and Friends this morning after the hosts asked her what she thought the Democrat message was going forward.”

Comment: None needed.

In a slightly related story with a GA-06 backbeat today, Greg Evans, writing for Hollywood-centric Deadline, bitched about “Fox and Friends” itself, one of few places on TV where things don’t reliably skew left for Democrats and MSM True Believers:

“Two days after Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt complimented President Donald Trump over his public bluff about non-existent secret tape-recordings, CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter is calling the Fox morning show ‘an informercial’ for the president.”

Comment: An “informercial” indeed. (Of course, even the despicable “paper of record,” the New York Times, is dropping the bulk of its copy editors, so no reason to employ them at a Hollywood gossip site.) CNN, in fact, hasn’t been a “reliable source” for at least two decades, which is why no one watches their agitprop anymore. In this piece, Evans is referring, of course, to Donald Trump’s true confession that his comments on holding Comey tapes was just a poker table bluff, something the current President must have done with considerable regularity back in his halcyon days as a real estate dealmaker. Unlike the President, CNN fibs on everything every day of the week. So it’s a laugh and a half to see Evans diss both Fox and the president along these lines. Tap dancing with the facts to make fake news is how CNN sells commercials. Find another line of work, Greg.

Speaking of Fake News, let’s get back to laughing our Ossoff via Newsbusters, which helpfully regurgitates the fun-facts with regard to Ossof’s Fake Candidacy:

“The Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, who didn’t even live in the district he ran for, raised $23 million ahead of the June 20, special election against Republican Karen Handel, according to The New York Times. Roughly $20.3 million (86 percent) of Ossoff’s donations came from places like New York and California. In contrast, Handel raised $4.5 million, but 56 percent of the donations were from Georgians.

“According to Follow the Money, Ossoff received more individual donations from California, New York, and Massachusetts than from Georgia. On June 8, fundraising reports noted that as little as one in 20 donations actually came from Georgia residents, the Atlantic Journal-Constitution reported.

“Employees of Time Warner, Google’s parent company Alphabet and schools like Emory University, Georgia State University, the University of California and Virginia Tech gave thousands of dollars to Ossoff, according to Open Secrets.

“The liberal groups League of Conservation Voters and End Citizens United each gave Ossoff more than $10,000.

“The liberal blog Daily Kos helped raise at least $1.6 million for Ossoff, the Sacramento Bee reported in May.

“Planned Parenthood also gave more than $700,000 to Ossoff’s campaign — something else the networks failed to report.

Why is this man laughing? (Screen shot via YouTube)

Comment: Ossof was truly a Fake Candidate, not to mention a carpetbagger who lived outside of the district he was running for. (We thought that was illegal, but maybe not for Democrats.) Ossoff’s moneybags came largely from California types who favor Deadline-style celebrity fluff and have more dollars than sense and from the usual East Coast suspects, which probably include at least one Soros organization. Media and university types are a given, the latter of which are probably using taxpayer money to some extent. And Planned Parenthood… well, that forcibly U.S. taxpayer-supported organization carefully guards and promotes the Secular Leftists’ virtual sacrament of abortion, so why wouldn’t they send some of it to promote a Democrat? Ossoff was an attractive, Millennial, hand-picked to pick off that vote and take GA-06 even though he didn’t live there. Too bad vociferous Millennials tend to bitch and not to vote. At least for now.

Oh, and speaking of Planned Parenthood, one of our favorite cranks, ex-newspaperman Don Surber, observes:

“Republican Karen Handel not only became the first woman to win a congressional seat in Georgia last night, but she exacted revenge on Planned Parenthood — which had relentlessly worked to get Handel fired five years ago.”

Comment: Don fails to mention that as a Republican, Karen Handel, like Sarah Palin before her, is therefore not a woman, just as Justice Clarence Thomas, another right-minded individual, is therefore not black. Referenced by Surber, Handel’s backstory is interesting in this regard. She was at one time Senior VP for the Susan G. Komen fund at a time back in 2012 when that breast cancer funding organization was regularly sending breast cancer cure bucks to Planned Parenthood, meaning that some donor money was actually going to fund abortions, not the cause they thought they were giving to. Handel was viewed as the primary reason the Susan G. Komen foundation pulled that funding, so Planed Parenthood got her fired while “slut shaming” the Komen foundation in public, which caved in, sacked Handel and resumed funding Planned Parenthood. That’s how the system works these days.

Now, for dessert, let’s wrap today’s column with this delightful Ossoff Observation via longtime conservative blog site Ace of Spades:

“I forgot to mention this classic excuse earlier — a Democrat operative said Ossoff lost because it was impossible to reach his voters, because they live in their parents’ houses.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced by permission by arrangement with LegalInsurrection.

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