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The details behind Sean Spicer’s Dancing With The Stars winning season

Written By | Nov 7, 2019
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WASHINGTON: Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer continues to advance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Not only is the left unhappy, but the Dancing with the Stars judges are also bereft.  “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron protested Spicer’s inclusion on the show from the start. (‘Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron slam politically divisive bookings after Sean Spicer is cast. – Fox News)

As though Spicer did not have the right to appear on the show, much less succeed.

“There are really great dancers being sent home, but that is part of our show. It’s always been the audience and the judges’ perspective. So I’m not — I can’t be mad at it, but it’s frustrating,” DWTS judge Carrie Anne Inaba says
The Dancing with the Stars show formula

Dancing with the Stars chooses their contestants to fit a series of pre-determined slots.  You have the actress and actor. Or a star from yesteryear, like Alfonso Ribeiro or Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner – Full House).  There was a time when each show brought out younger and younger dancers – like Bindi Irwin and Sadie Robertson – a member of the very conservative Duck Dynasty family.  Or the disabled, such as Amy Purdy. And athletes.

With a fondness for football players like Lawrence Taylor and Donald Driver, the winner of Season 14.

But one thing they always have is the person that they feel will be voted off quickly, allowing them to create anticipation and get to the finals with the best possible dancers. In the past, those pawns have included Barabara Corcoran (Shark Tank) and Chris Kattan (SNL). In season 23, Republican Rick Perry was eliminated in the second vote-off, with Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place) being the first to go.

Spicer is not the first, nor will he be the last contestant to be attacked on stage.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was physically attacked by two men who were upset by events at the games in games in Rio.

Lochte’s claim that he and three other U.S. swimmers had been robbed at gunpoint in Brazil behind the hateful attack. The truth is the teammates had vandalized a gas station and were confronted by a security guard to pay for the damages. The Olympian saying he takes “full responsibility” for embellishing his story to protect themselves.

He is also not the only Republican (who admittedly cannot dance).  Both Tucker Carlson and Rick Perry made appearances on Dancing With The Stars – but without the snide comments by the judges or hosts. Because like good little conservatives, they went home early. So it was just self-congratulatory good fun for all.  Except for Carlson and Perry, I think

Then came Sean Spicer.

And I will admit, after watching most of the seasons Spicer is not a natural on the dance floor.  However, he makes the show more interesting to those of, like myself, who stopped watching the show three seasons ago when producers started filling the “star” slots with their dancer formula. It got to the point you could watch the first episode and know who would be eliminated, in what order and who would win the final mirror ball trophy.

But there is the problem. DWTS became a showcase for the judges, and host Tom Bergeron to lather their favorites with praise and critique. And then, often cruelly, letting those dancers pre-ordained to lose, off the show in order to reach the finals and keep the show formula rolling.

Trump’s “deplorables” trip the lights fantastic for Spicer on “Dancing with the Stars”

But the show has less to do with dancing and more with a popularity contest.  Proven by a tweet from President Trump urging his nearly 67M Twitter followers to vote for the former press secretary calling him a “great and very loyal guy who is working very hard.”

As a result, Spicer may receive low scores and cruel remarks from the panel of judges, the votes from the viewing public are what has kept him coming back.

What many people do not realize, dancers make coin for participating in the show.

Dancing with the Stars contestants are paid $125,000 just for signing up to compete. The longer celebrities stay on the show, the more they earn. So along with trying to win the season, contestants have an incentive to stick around every week.

Celebrities who make it to episodes 3 and 4 earn another $10,000 on top of their initial $125,000. Each week calls for a bigger payday, raising from $20,000 to $30,000 in the following episodes.

By the time they make it to the final two episodes, they’ll be making another $50,000 per show. Sean, who has made it to the seventh episode, is therefore already racking up nearly $175,000 to date.

There is one more regular-season show until we get to the semi-final and final show.

This is where things change as the judges will get their chance to vote Spicer out.  And be as nasty as they can be. But we do not expect different from the Hollywood liberal elite.

What those liberals crybabies are not recognizing is that Sean Spicer did not create the rules.

The show created the rules. And the dancers, when they got their shot to be interviewed by Erin Andrews, all encourage viewers to vote for them. And vote often. Their friends, teammates, castmates, family all being encouraged to vote for their favorite team – not the best.

I know that next week, I will be sure to give my votes to Spicer to help propel him into the finals.  Why? Because he was original voted off during show one, but due to an injury to another dancer, they had to bring him back.  And because I would be happy to know he walked away with an extra $50,000, even if he cannot possibly win the Mirror Ball. And while his support base is bigger than most, thanks to President Trump, Sean Spicer did not make the rules people.

Neither did President Trump, in this contest or the one where he beat Clinton in 2016.

And as our friends in the Democrat party and Intelligence Committee will learn – the rules are the rules. Get over it.  And not to state the obvious, President Trump, who won 2016 with 61,943,670 votes (304 Electoral College votes) has over 67,000,000 twitter followers. Hillary won the popular vote with 65,853,514 (227 EC votes)  Which is still less votes than Trump has twitter followers.   Brad Pascal saying they are increasing the social media efforts 300% for 2020.

Spicer keeps winning on Dancing With The Stars with verve and happiness. A great smile. And his, and President Trumps, supporters are keeping him on the ole’ soft shoe.

Liberals may hate Sean Spicer and President Trump.  But we – the Hillary Clinton’s Deplorables – will just keep on voting.



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