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Cirque du Soleil Volta: Amazing action under the bigtop

Written By | Oct 24, 2018

SEATTLE: If you’ve never been to any of the Cirque du Soleil performances, you’re really missing out on an amazing production. Founded in the mid-80s up in Canada, Cirque has grown to a world tour de force, with several full-time shows at various Las Vegas hotels to performances in cities around the globe. The current production in the Seattle area is called Volta.

Volta is Cirque du Soleil’s 41st production since 1984 and its 18th to be exclusive to the big-top tent road show. Featuring an original musical score, Volta follows the journey of a young man who gets blinded by success. We travel with him through his journey of finding himself as he shares his memories with the audience.

Lights and action:

Volta is told through trapeze artists and BMX riders. There are amazing jump-rope and trampoline artists. It’s a combination of dance, acrobatics, storyline, and pizazz. It is high energy and exhilarating.

The main lobby

Like other Cirque shows, the production quality is all exquisite. From the lighting to the costumes, from the actors to the music. Even the sound quality of the audio system used for the fast-paced, driving music is the best.

Under the big top:

Unlike full-scale productions like “O” at the Bellagio in Vegas, there’s something uniquely fun about seeing a Cirque production in it’s original “big top”. There’s seating for 2500 people and enough food vendors to keep the snacks rolling during the course of the entire show, which lasts about 2 hours.

A key component to Volta is how the show incorporates modern day technology into the storyline,  like social media and smartphones. You’ll see, several times throughout the production, the extra actors sporting a device to replicate smartphones and taking the obligatory selfies.

Search Cirque Luzia, Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to an imaginary Mexico

It all works well into the overall theme.

Volta also has a couple of acts with a clown and his hilarious encounters with a laundromat. Without giving spoilers, you’ll surely find it humorous.

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte was an official sponsor and made for some tasty sipping in the VIP lounge.

Some highlights from the show are that of the gal who literally gets lifted by her hair alone and flies through the air. The BMX portion is also great as it features a see-through ramp so the audience has an unobstructed view of the action.

Behind the scenes: A look at some of the costumes

I’ve always said that a Cirque show is a feast of the senses, and Volta is no exception. If you’re anywhere close to the greater Seattle area, you really should consider going to a show. It’s a great time as a solo, for a date night or an evening out with the family.

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