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Bernie Sanders supporters spread video defying reason, logic

Written By | Jun 2, 2016

PASADENA, Calif., June 1, 2016 – I have written extensively about the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders and how it is absolutely astounding that he is not only winning states but also giving Hillary Clinton headaches into the first week of June.  I’ve delved into many of the hypocritical positions of Bernie, such as his ridiculous claim that he is an outsider and the scary reality of the socialist policies that he has firmly adhered to for decades.  Many, many decades.

The latter of those topics resurfaced in my mind this past week while visiting family in picturesque Boulder, Colorado over the Memorial Day holiday.  Boulder might be known for its beautiful flatiron rock formations and dazzling vistas, but there was one characteristic of Boulder that I just couldn’t ignore.  Probably because it was plastered on almost every available piece of flat surface area and even in places that one would never expect a political advertisement to be.  Boulder is Bernie Country.

That, in turn, reminded me of an absurd video that’s been making the rounds on Facebook.  It promotes the idea that Bernie Sanders isn’t a socialist, claiming he is simply trying to promote the best aspects of the most devastatingly destructive political system known to man.  For technical reasons, this video doesn’t want to be embedded here, so here’s the link to the video.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this video floating around my Facebook feed, and it makes me laugh every time.  I love how indignant his supporters are that Fox News would dare to label someone who has been a socialist his whole life as a socialist.  Liberals never miss an opportunity to create the illusion they are the smartest people in the room, when in reality they are eating up deception hook line and sinker.

First of all, this term “democratic socialist” is essentially a made-up term that Bernie uses to shift attention away from his radical past.

As Bernie established himself in the political scene, he was a socialist of the full blown variety.  There was no talk about a modified version of the theory.  Bernie was not really a Democrat until he decided to run for president last year.  In Washington, he was an “Independent” from far left Vermont who was never taken seriously in the Senate as anything more than a kooky radical whom Democrats occasionally needed to vote for them.

A big reason for that is that Bernie Sanders believes in some truly radical things.  Not “democratic socialist” things. Socialist things.

For instance, in the early 1990s, Bernie Sanders once said we should look into a 100 percent marginal tax rate on every dollar of income over $1 million.  That means if you make a million dollars, every cent you make over that should go to the government.  Not only that, Bernie said that no one “deserves” to make that much money.  Just think about that for a second.  What’s the “democratic” aspect of that?

On top of that, a disheveled Bernie is on video talking about how Cuba actually did some good things and that Fidel’s communist rule (responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, by the way) had a couple things right.  I’m sorry, what?

Second of all, this whole idea that there are good aspects of socialism that can be implemented in America is simply ludicrous.  America’s capitalist system is completely antithetical to the tenets of socialism, and both fundamentally differ when it comes to production for profit and production for use.

It is also a myth that America could vastly improve if we could just figure out how to be more like Europe. What are we trying to emulate exactly? The massive amount of unsustainable debt?  The disastrous immigration system?  The regressive taxes?  A nightmare healthcare system?  What are we trying to copy here? The people in Poland liked socialist attitudes so much that they kicked every single liberal out of government.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

The point here is that you can’t believe everything Bernie says about Europe, and it is probably a good idea to not believe anything.

Let’s also not forget about how many lives have been lost thanks to socialism.  Almost 100 million people were killed by socialism in the 1900s.  So what’s the “good form” of socialism exactly?  Seems a little odd that we can pick and choose highlights out of a system so destructive.

Still don’t believe me?  Let’s try one more angle.  Last week, Sanders was asked to address the awful situation in Venezuela, a country now in shambles strictly because of  socialist policies that Bernie Sanders believes in.  When asked about this, Sanders was unable to come up with even one sentence that distanced his policies from Venezuela.  He even got a little testy about the question, which he tends to do whenever he is cornered.  So the question is this: if Bernie is so distant from socialism, why can’t he come up with a quick, coherent explanation as to why his policies are different?

The reality is that he is not far away from these policies at all.  The only reason he doesn’t run around admitting he is a full blown socialist is because he knows he can’t.

However, that reality might be coming to a close, considering the fact that a shocking number of Democrats now actually believe that socialism is a good thing.  Not democratic socialism. Socialism.  Interesting how we don’t feel the need to differentiate between the two in this instance.

Bernie Sanders isn’t a trustworthy person. For some reason, the left expects us to believe that a guy who lies about his position on Wall Street and super PACs and who isn’t honest about a whole host of other issues is somehow being truthful about his real intentions when it comes to socialism.

He isn’t.  And you shouldn’t buy it for one second.

Andrew Mark Miller