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Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice starts filming in Detroit (video – slideshow)

Written By | Aug 4, 2014

WASHINGTON, August 4, 2014 – With one holy-heck Batman title, Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice is well underway filming in Detroit.

Bringing some much needed revenue to the city of Detroit, Dawn of Justice will shoot at Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac, Michigan, and on location in and around the beleaguered Motor City. Other locations for the film include Illinois, Africa and the South Pacific.

Henry Cavill dons the Superman red and blue while Ben Affleck is behind the iconic black mask of Batman. And as the Twitter verse says, he has the chin for it.

Stepping into Lynda Carter’s Amazonian sized boots as Wonder Women is Gal Gadot. Amy Adams has been cast as intrepid reporter Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburn is Daily Planet editor Perry White.  

Cast Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Cast Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) will be starring as Aquaman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther and Jeremy Irons (The Borgias) will take on the role of Alfred Pennyworth, who raised Bruce Wayne after his parent’s murders and is protector of the millionaire’s secret identity.

The film, directed by Zack Snyder, has release date is May 6, 2016


Detroit ABC-7 News released a brief snippet of footage from the skies over Detroit.  The helicopter video shows a city in the throes of destruction with a crushed police car, smashed city bus, and a fallen Wayne Financial sign next to a demolished building.

As the police car and bus both say “Metropolis,” the city Clark Kent, aka, Superman calls home, we can take a hint as to at least one plot line from the upcoming movie.

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