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Contributor Terms and Agreements

Communities Digital News, LLC is a Maryland limited liability corporation. Communities Digital News is owned by some writers and the Communities Digital News editors. All regular writers and contributors are vetted. All articles posted to Communities Digital News are subject to editing. All contributors are bound by the following Terms and Agreement.

Communities Digital News will only consider original work, professionally written following Associated Press style guidelines, free of grammar and spelling errors. Contributors must proof and edit their own work before submission and content with extensive errors, omissions, or lacking attribution as required, will be returned.

All content, defined as any article, photo, video, graphics, meme or any other image or written word, posted or submitted for posting is covered by the following terms:

  • That content is the original creator of the materials that may include but are not limited to articles, news stories, opinion columns, blogs or other electronic postings, photographs, videos, artwork and/ or other such original material.  That any work created by any other creator that is referenced, quoted, or reproduced in any manner is wholly and fully attributed to that source.
  • Content creators retain all responsibility to create content within all known legal parameters that are normally applied to professional journalists and that the content creator is responsible for their own defense in cases of libel or questions of ownership of any material that they may contribute or post to Communities Digital News.
  • The Content Creator does hold Communities Digital News, editors, and owners harmless and that they are responsible for the content they post or submit to Communities Digital News.  Communities Digital News will not assist in any legal defense that may arise from the content and the creator agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Communities Digital News in any defense.
  • Content creators retain all ownership of the materials posted to Communities Digital News and gives Communities Digital News non-exclusive rights to publish this materials with their likeness and name.
  • There is no promise of renumeration for any content submitted to the Communities Digital News beyond that as individually discussed with the content contributor.
  • During the term of this Agreement and anytime thereafter, neither party will criticize, ridicule or make any statement which disparages or is derogatory of the other party and its affiliates, or any of its officers, directions, agents, associates, consultants, contractors, clients, customers, vendors, suppliers or licensees.

Stories are edited for space, clarity and journalistic reasons. Content may be returned to writers for additional information.

We will not publish content that violates Communities Digital News content guidelines including content that contains:

  • Adult content that is suitable only for mature adults.
  • Content that is abusive or harmful to any group of individuals including women and children
  • Content that encourages or promotes hate or violence or violent acts or advocates racial intolerance.
  • Copyrighted material quoted or reproduced without verified permission from the original source including, but not limited to a link, reciept for purchased image, or attribution to the original source, including photos, videos, memes and graphics
  • Content encouraging the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco or tobacco-related content
  • Articles promoting or describing methods for  hacking and / or cracking content
  • Content that promotes use of weapons or firearms and/or advocates use of same in violent acts
  • Content that would be generally considered to be illegal or encourages illegal acts or activities

May 12, 2014 – UPDATE: Communities Digital News is sensitive to and will reject any content filed that appears to have been written for the benefit of a paid contractor or employee.  Communities Digital News does employee experts in certain fields however coverage should be general and not defined to that writers company, person or clients.

Communities Digital News does report on the news and policy as it affects the conversation.  However when discussing sensitive issues, including gun ownership and law, political policy, LGBT issues, Immigration, or other issues, we require respect and balance in all articles.

Communities Digital News retains the right to accept or refuse to publish any article. Communities Digital News retains the right to edit any article to meet guidelines, known or unknown. Communities Digital News may, at their sole discretion, remove any individual article or body of work from the pages of Communities Digital News.  Content contributors may request that their work be removed from Communities Digital News recognizing that deleting the content does not guarantee its removal from the Internet.

This agreement may be altered at the discretion of Communities Digital News.

February 01, 2014