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by Jacquie Kubin
CommDigiNews Writer Directory
Al Maurer – Red Pill, Blue Pill 
Alison Reynolds – Travel the World
Allan Brownfeld – Allan Wrench
Arturo Bienewski – 52 Gurls
Bob Siegel – Forbidden Table Talk 
Bob Taylor – Travels with Peabod
Charles Vandegriffe – Charles Vandegriffe Time and Place
Cheryl Rodewig – Travel the World
Claire Hickey – Travel the World – Lifestyle
Danny de Gracia – Direct from Dr. Danny
Duane Pemberton – DigiDrive – Lifestyle 
Eric Golub – Tygrrrr Express – Narcotics for Leatherheads
Eric Nelson –  Consciousness & Health
Fran PonickLifestyle
Gayle Falkenthal – Ringside Seat – Media Migraine – TV Den
Jennifer Oliver OConnell – Lifestyle
Jeanne McKinney – Patriot Profiles
Jim Picht (Senior Editor) –  Politics – Lifestyle
Jacquie Kubin – Travel the World – Political Potpourri – Lifestyle
Joel Berliner –  Joel Berliner’s Good Life
Karen Hagestad Cacy – Politics
Kevin Fobbs – Politics
L.J. Keith – Politics
Larry Lease – Politics – General News
Laurie Edwards-Tate – Lifecycles by Laurie Edwards Tate
Mario Salazar – 21st Century Pacifist
Mark Nowakowski –  In Pursuit of Beauty
Michael Busler – Funding Democracy
Moshe Maryles – Politics 
Paul Samakow – Leading Edge Legal Advice for Everyday Matters
Susan Samakow –  Self Talk with Susan Commander Samakow
Terry Ponick – (Editor in Chief, Business, Arts & Entertainment)Market Maven, Business, Arts