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Travel the World: Journey Nicaragua with Blue from Rancho el Chilamate

Written By | Mar 9, 2015

WASHINGTON, March 9, 2015 – Heather Blue van Doorninck, who goes by Blue, of Rancho Chilamate, Rivas Nicaragua joins Travel the World to talk about her ranch, which provides luxury in the country accommodations and the opportunity to saddle up and ride out to the beach where they filmed “Survivor Nicaragua” – an absolutely beautiful ride to a coastline unique in all the world.

Nicaragua is a a wonderful travel destination, a reasonable ride from the United States that leads to a journey that at times seems as if you are time traveling.

It is a combination of colonial old and modern day new.

Granada is filled with boutique style hotels, brightly painted buildings, hidden courtyards and cultural performances (see slide show below)

Blue will help us to explore not only Rancho Chilamate but also the “golden triangle” of Nicaragua travel — San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe Island and the colonial town of Granada that at time seems stopped in time.

Join hosts Jacquie Kubin and Robert Taylor, with their guest Blue of Rancho Chilamate, and travel South to Nicaragua.

Please scroll through the Scribble Live chat to links to hotels, more photos, and videos that will you to know Nicaragua, and the places Blue speaks about, a little better.

You are as likely to see a horse on a Granada street as a modern vehicle.

You are as likely to see a horse on a Granada street as a modern vehicle.

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