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Travel the World: Visit Northern Italy, Tuscany and La Marche

Written By | Feb 21, 2015

Travel writer Walter Sanders shares his journey’s through Italy with a highlight on the Montistigliano Estate in Tuscany and La Marche, Italy where the Piazzo Donatti sits on the square of a medieval town little changed.

Also on the show CommDigiNews travel writer Bob Taylor will share his discovery of Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city nestled about 90 miles about the Arctic Circle, where the local economy lives and dies with the productivity of the world’s largest iron-ore mine.

Not so very long ago, citizens of Kiruna began noticing cracks in the streets and other strange phenomena that told them something was wrong. So the are moving the town.

This and the always enticing more as we Travel the World with leading travel experts and writers on the CommDigiNews Hour

Before the show enjoy “How Green is My Envy” by The Treading Lemmings – because don’t we envy those that go fabulous places?


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Tuscany | Image Jacquie Kubin

Tuscany | Image Jacquie Kubin

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