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Freedom’s Gate: We are no longer a Christian nation

Written By | Mar 18, 2015
Freedom's Gate

Freedom’s Gate

In 2008 President Obama proclaimed that America is no longer a Christian nation.

This week on “Standing at Freedom’s Gate” join these two young moms who are conservative journalists as they discuss tackling the challenges of raising children in 21st century America. They will talk about how changing social values, governmental policies and liberal activist legislation have negatively impacted traditional conservative families and children. Equally important, they will focus on what tools can be used by parents to reestablish Christian conservative values in homes and in a nation where President Obama incorrectly exclaimed in 2008, “We are no longer a Christian nation.

Journalists Amanda Shea, Prissy Holly and Dom the Conservative tackle the social and political issues that are eroding their ability as mothers to deal with problems they face daily. Shea, Holly and Dom also share how they work on handling concerns from terrorism that could threaten their child’s school, social media bullying, destruction of Second Amendment rights and their children’s right to even discuss Christianity in school.  Find out what these journalists concern themselves with as parents when they are off the clock …or are they ever?

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Also, later in the hour,  radio and television host Doreen Finkle, CEO of Students For a Better Future, will share her concerns about what issues and challenges today’s college students and graduates are facing. Finkle will also discuss why internet ography and human trafficking is threatening college campuses, and what conservatives and the nation’s leaders need to do about it.

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