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CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: Voting in America – What does it mean?

Written By | Mar 26, 2015

Voting, one of the most important and basic rights we have in America,  continues to be a matter of concern, conversation and controversy

Tonight on Critical Conversations host Lisa Ruth will be talking with senior political editor Dr. Jim Picht and Communities Digital News staff writer Jim Eltringham about voting — what are American’s rights to vote, or not vote? Can the government enact mandatory voting?

Are voting ID laws constitutional and will they stop voting fraud?

Why can residents of  U.S. protectorates, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and Guam, vote in primaries bu

t not elections?

They will be seeking the  answers to these and other questions about every American’s most important and vital right – the right to form their democracy via their votes.

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Jacquie Kubin

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