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Critical Conversations: ISIS, DC Politics, and protecting yourself and children from predators

Written By | Aug 8, 2014
CommDigiNews Hour Critical Conversations for August 8, 2014

CommDigiNews Hour Critical Conversations for August 8, 2014

WASHINGTON, August 8, 2014  – Senior Political Editor Dr. Jim Picht will be talking with Communities Business Editor Terry Ponick to discuss why the wheels inside the beltway have ground to a stop; its not about what is right or wrong. They don’t really care about the children on the border. Politics, getting their party re-elected and not losing seats are really what’s important to your elected leaders. The discussion will start with the recent immigration bill that gave Dems what they wanted, plus one thing they did not – a medical device tax that would have Dems losing support of big business in key states.

Dems would have you believe otherwise, that they are the compassionate party that cares. Yep – but they care about the same things Republicans care about – not losing the power to obstruct the other side inside the beltway.

Communities writer Paula Carrasquillo, author of Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath will be discussing violence toward women, specifically the recent actions of Baltimore Raven’s Ray Rice and if the punishment fits his crime.

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The show will close with a conversation with Jerome Elam, an internationally recognized advocate for the protection of children from sexual predators. Mr. Elam is a survivor of sexual trafficking and predators in his home and town.

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Critical Conversations - Every Friday, 6:30pm EDT

Critical Conversations – Every Friday, 6:30pm EDT


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