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Cotto & Co.: The Man Who Would Be King with The Marquis Dr. Carl Lindgren

Written By | Aug 7, 2014

OCALA, Fla., August 6, 2014 — Being king doesn’t necessarily mean an easy life, especially in our democratic age.

Few monarchs have come to understand this as H.M. Kigeli V, Rwanda’s long-displaced royal, has. Overthrown in 1961, he has been trying to get back ever since. These days, Kigeli lives modestly, never having raided his nation’s treasury or sold its natural resources to money-lusting foreigners.

Instead, he promoted constitutional monarchy while in office, surrendered vital political power had by his predecessors, and advocated strict nonviolence. In exile, he has expressed support for intermarriage between warring tribes and refuses to engage in ethnocentrism.

Kigeli is the sort of man who should be a world leader. As it is, he sits in his less-than-opulent Northern Virginia home waiting for a better tomorrow.

His Majesty’s immediate past secretary general, The Marquis Dr. Carl Lindgren, knows far more about this fascinating story. The Marquis, a career academic and Fellow of the Royal Society, has devoted much of his work to chronicling the labyrinthine history of royalty, nobility, and chivalry. Having been granted his title by the late Crown Prince Bao Long of Vietnam and knighted by numerous royal houses, he currently serves as President of the American College of Interdisciplinary Studies in Mississippi.

Lindgren shares his perspectives on the next episode of Cotto & Company; a new thirty-minute-or-so online radio program featuring independent voices who shape our society. Regardless of partisan registration, political philosophy, or personal worldview, the goal is sharing diverse, and often innovative, ideas that we all can learn from.

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Cotto & Co.

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