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CommDigiNews Hour: Critical Conversations Obamacare Rulings, Yellen & the Fed, Immigration, Travel report

Written By | Jul 25, 2014

WASHINGTON, July 25, 20914 – Critical Conversations works beyond the headline, removes the agenda and talks about what today’s news really means.

Join us as Senior Editor Jim Picht and Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth discuss the top issues of the week, going beyond the headlines for an in-depth discussion and analysis of this week’s top stories.

Ruth, a former CIA officer and an expert on international relations, and Picht, a PhD economist and professor at Louisiana Honors College, will start by discussing the implications of the dueling Obamacare rulings this week. What does it mean now, and what does it mean for the long term? Are we headed for a Supreme Court showdown?

Business editor and long-time investor Terry Ponick will then join them for a discussion of the recent statements by Fed Chair Janet Yellen, including the domestic and international impact of tightening the money supply. What do her conflicting signals on unemployment and inflation mean? What does all of this mean for the markets and investors?

Political columnist Jennifer Oliver O’Connell will talk about the illegal immigration protests across the country this weekend and examines why Hollywood activists are so far mute on the border crisis. What is behind the public reaction? Will Congress address the crisis before the recess next week?

Finally, travel expert Bob Taylor will look at the impact of global events, including the air tragedies, on travel. He will also address the growing popularity of river cruises, which is changing the way people travel.

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