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COTTO & COMPANY: Dr. Paul Gottfried on the grass roots challenge to neo-conservative / neo-liberal establishment politics

Written By | Jul 6, 2014

OCALA, Fla., July 6, 2014 — Barack Obama is one of those people who are easily made into whatever others want him to be.

People on the right often claim that he is some sort of socialist ideologue. Many of the president’s supporters glibly claim that the Tea Party is a vehicle for racism. Is there any rational basis for these notions?

Unorthodox ideas are often denounced because they are “conservative” or “liberal” or “libertarian”. In politics, people are expected to conform with various pseudo-cliques rather than think for themselves. At one time, this was not the case. Why have things changed?

Over the last thirty-five years, more or less, neoconservatism has come to dominate the Republican Party. Somewhat more recently, neoliberalism became prevalent among Democratic politicos. This is a far cry from the Old Right and Labor Left. What happened?

During the years ahead, might the neo-conservative-slash-neo-liberal establishment see a serious grassroots challenge?

Outspoken paleoconservative intellectual Dr. Paul Gottfried answers these questions and more.

The recently retired Horace Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Lancaster’s Elizabethtown College, his observations of the human condition have generated both accolades and animosity. Having befriended such figures as Richard Nixon and Herbert Marcuse, the Doctor’s views are not always easy to pin down. Perhaps the only constant is that he calls the shots as he sees them — with no apology.

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Joseph Cotto

Joseph Cotto is a nationally syndicated columnist. He hails from central Florida, writing about political, economic, and social issues of the day. In the past, he wrote for The Washington Times Communities and Blogcritics Magazine, among other publications.