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CommDigiNews Internships – Start your path towards a career in journalism

by Jacquie Kubin
CommDigiNews Internships – Start your path towards a career in journalism

Communities Digital News LLC is seeking journalism interns to join our news team, develop news items and write SEO friendly articles for publishing. Seeking highly motivated individuals looking to gain hands-on experience and develop a byline that they can use in future job searches.

Interns will work remotely using calls, Skype and onscreen meeting apps to have one-on-one conversations with seasoned editors, each with more than 25 years of newsroom experience. Those same editors will provide appropriate recommendation letters following your internship.

Communities Digital News LLC is an independent, privately owned news operation based in Washington D.C., covering national, international, and regional news, and politics as well as lifestyle, sports and travel coverage. Interns will determine their filing schedule for what can be a writing intensive, telecommuting internship. Editors will work with your school to turn internship into credit earning effort. Submitted projects will be published at Communities Digital News.

Internship responsibilities to include, but are not limited to:  +Work with editors to create timely news and lifestyle articles. +Write a minimum of four(4)- maximum of ten(10) (800 word) articles a month. +Direct Social Media Outreach Campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus. + Learn to perform SEO logistics and keyword analysis. +Explore new ways to increase readership and page rank for your articles. +Semi-monthly calls with editors to discuss new trends and answer questions. +Learn to research, analyze and report on the news.

Perfect candidates are Journalism, English or Communications majors with excellent writing skills and a firm attention to detail, however, being in advanced schooling is not required. Individuals familiar with APA style guidelines and WordPress are a plus. Must be organized, open to constructive criticism, have a good work ethic, ability to work independently and consistently meet weekly deadlines. Creative genius is encouraged.

Submit resume and a writing sample to [email protected]