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Putin, STalin, Ukraine, Invasion

Vladimir Putin and the recreation of Stalin’s Soviet Union

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his steady assault on civilian targets, including a maternity hospital, remind us of Stalin’s Soviet Union, which today’s Russian leader seems determined to recreate. Stephen Blank, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Eurasia program, says: “No one since Stalin has had power in Russia like Putin ...

Ukraine, Sex trafficking, Ukraine, Women, Children

“Spoils of War”- Ukrainian refugees’ are prime targets for sex traffickers

During military conflicts, natural disasters, and in areas of abject poverty, vultures circle looking for prey. By prohibiting all males between 16 through 60 from leaving Ukraine and encouraging all children and women to evacuate by themselves to neighboring countries; the most vulnerable population of Ukraine is a prime target for traffickers and war profiteers. ...

Afghan, Afghanistan, Taliban

Afghans swarm jet to flee Taliban, women frightened; 7 deaths reported

SAN DIEGO: A terrible panic has erupted sending hundreds to Afghanistan’s Kabul airport to try and escape the Taliban. The people are left to their own defenses as President Ashraf Ghani hides away having fled his country. The former leader, soft on the Taliban, left Afghan citizens to their own defenses. Including Afghan women who ...

Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia

My advice to the Advisor: The case of Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON: There is some question over Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia. The 1941 Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia was the invasion of the Imperial State of Iran during the Second World War by Soviet, British and other Commonwealth armed forces. Growing up with a very traditional grandfather who fought against the Anglo-Soviet invasion of ...

Haitian Supreme Court mulls government take-over

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Haiti announced yesterday that it is holding an emergency meeting in response to the announcement of the Provisional Electoral Council to hold elections on 20 November 2016.

From Lebanon to Najaf: Pray for us there

Lebanon shares much history with France; now that history includes the fight against terrorism. As the writer journeys, he is asked to 'pray for us' when he gets there.

Starting my walk from Washington

BEIRUT, Nov. 20, 2015 —Working and traveling so much in the past few months, I had little time to prepare for the trip ahead. It wasn’t until about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, the night before my travel overseas, did I get the chance to do some shopping. Comfortable, durable, high-endurance walking shoes. I needed those, of course. ...

Walk with me: From Detroit to Karbala

Next month millions will walk to Karbala. They walk to relive the memories of Hussain's sister Zeinab, the eyewitness survivor who would live to tell his story.