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News from around the globe edited by Lisa Ruth


Eritrea: Solving credit access problems benefits local agriculture

Stabilizing the economy in Eritrea requires increased production that only new investments in technology can generate. Minimizing inflation is also a key consideration in formulating the perfect balance.  Constructing the right economic equation must be a primary target for government leaders.

AIPAC: A Pro Israel friend or Israel’s worst enemy

By embracing the occupation and Israel's denial of political rights to millions of Palestinians, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is embracing policies that are harmful to Israel's long-term best interests. If AIPAC were a real friend, they would advance policies leading in a more hopeful direction.  

Israel and Palestine’s Two-State Solution

"I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” says President Trump after his announcement to move US Israel embassies to Jerusalem, creating a de facto capital.