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Middle East

Are Iranian nukes inevitable?

Iran will eventually have the means to build an arsenal. The question is, how can we make that not in its best interests without threatening to go to war?

Like the Hindenburg or the 1916 Philadelphia A’s, Yemen is a success!

PHOENIX, March 30, 2016 – Webster’s defines success as “the correct or desired result of an attempt.” The Obama administration defines success as, well, something else entirely, or so it seems. Administration spokespeople continue to state that the counterterrorism strategy employed by the White House in Yemen remains a success. White House press secretary Josh Earnest recently ...

Iran nuclear talks fail, deadline reset

WASHINGTON, November 24, 2014 — The November 24 deadline for a nuclear accord between Iran and the West came today with the two sides still divided by numerous technical issues. They agreed to push the deadline back by seven months. Secretary of State John Kerry said that “real and substantial progress” has been made to ...