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Middle East

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President Barack Obama: A Middle East legacy of death and destruction

From the crescent of Syria to the plains of Libya, to the former Yazidi homelands of Iraq and the streets of Donetsk, former U.S. President Barack Obama left in his wake a legacy of death, misery and chaos that has killed millions in the Middle East, while swamping the continent of Europe with refugees.

Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia

My advice to the Advisor: The case of Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON: There is some question over Tony Blair and the future of Saudi Arabia. The 1941 Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia was the invasion of the Imperial State of Iran during the Second World War by Soviet, British and other Commonwealth armed forces. Growing up with a very traditional grandfather who fought against the Anglo-Soviet invasion of ...

Israel and Palestine’s Two-State Solution

"I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” says President Trump after his announcement to move US Israel embassies to Jerusalem, creating a de facto capital.

Governing elites and radical Islam

The Obama administration is racing the clock to ensure the creation of an anti-Israeli, Hamas-run state in historically Jewish areas now under Israel's control.

Abstaining in the face of Islamist barbarism

According to Samantha Power, the U.S. abstention supports "the policy of every administration, Republican and Democrat, since before President Reagan and all the way through to the present day."