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American couple killed in Brussels terror attack identified

BRUSSELS, March 26, 2016 — An American couple was identified among those killed in the Brussels terror attack last week. They were Justin and Stephanie Shults, last seen dropping off Stephanie’s mother at the airport. Justin Shults worked for Clarcor, a manufacturing company based in Tennessee. Stephanie Shults worked for Mars Inc. The couple had ...

Iran and the never-ending fatwa

Iran put a $3.3 million bounty on Salman Rushdie's head 27 years ago; in honor of their nuclear deal with the U.S., they upped the bounty to $4 million.

Turkey signs NATO’s death warrant

Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian jet on a mission against ISIS targets in Syria not only killed a Russian pilot but also mortally wounded NATO.

Can there be peace with Islam?

Islam is not a religion of peace; there is no such thing. Religion does not exist to eradicate violence, but to channel violence and to sanctify it.