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President Barack Obama: A Middle East legacy of death and destruction

From the crescent of Syria to the plains of Libya, to the former Yazidi homelands of Iraq and the streets of Donetsk, former U.S. President Barack Obama left in his wake a legacy of death, misery and chaos that has killed millions in the Middle East, while swamping the continent of Europe with refugees.

A new Ancient Egyptian discovery at Abydos

CAIRO, July 11, 2014 — On July 2, 2014 an Egyptian excavation team from the Ministry of Antiquities and Heritage (MAH) discovered a well preserved limestone ancient Egyptian chapel that dates back to the 11th Dynasty. As the team deciphered the hieroglyphic text on the chapel’s wall, they recognized clearly the name of king Mentohotep II, ...

Egypt: President Sissi cuts subsidies

CAIRO, July 8, 2014 — The decision by new Egyptian President El Sissi to cut subsidies on several products will test his popularity. On Saturday July 5, Egyptians were surprised by a sudden increase of gas prices. Mini-bus drivers throughout Cairo and the city of Ismalia took to the streets to demonstrate against the price ...

Egypt elections: The odds are in El Sissi’s favor

CAIRO, June 2, 2014 —  From May 26 to May 28, Egypt voted for its seventh president since the 1952 revolution. Egypt’s first President was Mohamed Naguib, a member of the free officers’ movement that was established by Gamal Abdel Nasser, who succeeded Naguib in 1954. Anwar El Sadat served as a vice president to Nasser ...

Libya, Liberals, and France

America must lead. If we don’t, our nation will soon be as irrelevant as American leftists and the French secular leftists they worship.

I am not rebuilding Egypt

If I had a hammer, I would not hammer in the morning, evening, or anywhere across this land. I would give the hammer to somebody stronger and in better physical condition.