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Death, South Africa, Apartheid

Remembering Desmond Tutu: Advocate of racial justice and non-violence

Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa’s apostle of racial justice and reconciliation, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his struggle against apartheid, has died at the age of 90. After the fall of apartheid, Archbishop Tutu chaired the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that sought to heal the wounds of the apartheid era. The archbishop ...

Pik Botha, Botha, Africa, Apartheid, Allan Brownfeld

Pik Botha, 1932-2018: A man who helped South Africa escape apartheid

WASHINGTON.  Roelof  Pik Botha, the last foreign minister under apartheid rule in South Africa will be layed to rest today. Botha, who served in the cabinet of Nelson Mandela, died in Pretoria on October 12 at the age of 86. Because of his penchant for dressing in a suit and tie as a young man, ...


Eritrea: Solving credit access problems benefits local agriculture

Stabilizing the economy in Eritrea requires increased production that only new investments in technology can generate. Minimizing inflation is also a key consideration in formulating the perfect balance.  Constructing the right economic equation must be a primary target for government leaders.

Ebola fears, Ebola facts: No epidemic in America

WASHINGTON, August 26, 2014 – A Harvard School of Public Health poll taken between August 13 and 17 finds that 39 percent of Americans are concerned that there will be a major outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in the U.S. within a year. Twenty-six percent fear that a member of their immediate family could get ...

Egyptian Prisoners: From political to criminal detainees

CAIRO, June 20, 2014 — The prison situation in Egypt is intolerable, both in terms of the prison conditions and the increase in the number of political prisoners held by the government Egyptian prisons lack the appropriate sanitary, livable and humane conditions that are necessary for basic survival. The situation has been exacerbated by the ...

Boko Haram and the dangers of hashtag diplomacy

While Nigeria burned, and Boko Haram was killing school boys, and massacring villages, where was hashtag diplomacy? Where were the masses then? The failure of the United States and the West to recognize and deal with Boko Haram, and groups all across Africa, and the Middle-East, is what lead to this point. The West has let Africa fall into the grips of those who would see the rise of those individuals responsible for the events of September 11, 2001.

Muslims express outrage over Boko Haram kidnappings

WASHINGTON, May 14, 2014 — Numerous Muslim individuals and organizations have expressed outrage at the Boko Haram kidnapping of young girls. The anger at Boko Haram, a recognized terrorist organization, reflects a genuine sentiment of antipathy towards the group and its actions for a variety of reasons. Many would be surprised, for example, to learn that ...

France: Recolonizing Africa in the name of counter-terrorism

Corporations have raided Africa before, of course. Diamonds, gold, and oil are all in abundance there. But so many African nations are unstable due to civil war and insurgency. Fix the insurgency, Africa becomes a more stable market. A more stable market means steady growth.